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The un-tapped power of Hispanics

gty_latino_vote_obama_nt_110901_wgI really get tired of reading how 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama. It upsets me because it’s hard for me to imagine that my own people are allowing themselves to be deceived by a Party who’s goal is to unravel the fabric of our country.  I’m proud to be one of the fortunate 30% who isn’t fooled by the Democrat Party’s rhetoric.

Most of us (not sure about the current Gen-Xers) were raised to earn our living. I was taught by my grandfather, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat!” Our entire family worked in the family business. We prayed everyday and helped each other out.

But the mindset of the Liberal Hispanic isn’t quite the same. They’re the ones who say, “go mija…sign up for stampias. Go get on welfare. That’s what it’s there for.” Rather than advance the people, liberal Hispanic Democrats are happy to suck other Hispanics in and encourage us to become dependent on the government.

Why? Because they need our vote, and to keep the benefits coming, you must keep voting for more government assistance.  Without our votes, Democrats can’t push their agenda forward. Ask yourself this. Why is it that every time elections come around, Democrats keep promising to repair immigration?

It’s because they know we’ll fall for it. They know we are so blinded, that we won’t see the “fine print.” We only care about what’s in large print, not concerned with the consequences.  Some people might call it selfish.

We must end the relationship with the Democrat Party. It’s not the same Party your parents and grandparents believed in. Those days are long gone. Today, it’s the Party of Liberalism, where God is not welcomed. Do you want to be a part of something un-Godly?

If Hispanics want solutions over rhetoric, it would be best to deal with legislators who fear God.  Don’t you think?

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