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Texas Comptroller Candidate says “Texas budget is like Titanic”

Raul Torres, Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller

Raul Torres, Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller

Texas Politics: BudgetRaul Torres, Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller, has been traveling the state, doing his best to shine a light on the Texas budget. In his opinion, according to his analysis, Texas is going to be faced with a financial crisis that could cripple the now thriving state.

“Today’s environment reminds me of the time of the Titanic when everyone believed it could not be sunk, but it sank,” said Torres, who added, “This false sense of security that we have can be a very dangerous element looking towards the future.

Torres referenced other scenarios, where people were overly confident, citing examples from the bible, like the Battle of Jericho where the people of Jericho thought that their city could not be penetrated and that they could not be defeated and yet the city walls came crashing down and the Jews won the battle. Or David vs Goliath where everyone believed Goliath could not be beaten.

When asked how Texans should become enlightened to the REAL numbers relating to the budget, Torres said, “What we have to do is show them the numbers. Use the presentation I did online and just add up the numbers.”

These are facts based on government data, so they represent the best case scenario, not worst case. We all know that government estimates are always less than actual costs. Plus I don’t include many others costs such as inflation, projected increases in Medicaid costs, debt service, and other entitlement programs. I wanted to keep the story as simple as possible.” – Raul Torres

Here is a slideshow All voting Texans should review. Decide for yourself, then vote for the most qualified candidate.

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  1. jefsr

    Texas Comptroller Susan Combs , Texas State Auditor John Keel and their staffs were provided with PROOF of the massive criminal conspiracy inside San Antonio-Bexar County TX to defraud State and Federal agencies since as early as 1982.

    After ignoring reports of the criminal activity State Auditor John Keel was personally contacted via telephone by former Texas Senator Jeff Wentworth in January 2010. Wentworth reported the three decades of criminal activity, the ongoing criminal cover-up and the illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass warning issued to keep the crimes hidden. Wentworth called the reports “credible” and the ban “illegal” when he contacted the Attorney General’s Office via telephone during the meeting. Despite request to review the reports of criminal fraud and theft involving tens of
    millions of dollars Keel looked away and helped hide the crimes against our
    citizens while Wentworth performed perfect South-Texas flip-flop informing
    whistleblowers to “get a life. “ The illegal, unconstitutional ban violating the Constitution and the Texas Open Meeting Act remained in effect for another three years and the criminal conspiracy continues. A CD containing the reports and an audio recording of the hour-long meeting including the phone conversation between Wentworth and State Auditor John Keel is available for review.

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