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Hispanic Primary voter, an endangered species

Primary Election dates.

Primary Election dates.

Waco,TX – It’s hard to determine how many Hispanics are actually voting in the Primary, but based on how few were at the State Convention (Texas Convention, Ft. Worth), it’s easy to see Hispanics are either not voting in the Primary, or aren’t aware of the process to become a delegate to the State Convention.  If there’s one true way to impact politics, it is at the State Convention.

I was one of those, oblivious to the value of my vote.  I’d skip votes.  To be frank, I never knew when to vote, where to vote, much less, who to vote for.

Knowledge is power, and knowing when to vote is half the battle.  Hispanics should stop with the marches and fasting.  We should stop making demands and feeding the media frenzy.  Instead, we should pay attention to the 2014 Primary.

We should make it a “CALL TO ACTION” and do our part to encourage the vote.  We should be enlightening those about the process to become a delegate…help them get to their State Convention.

It’s empowering to be in the “mix,” to know you’re one of the few who actually went through the process and invested the time to participate in your State Convention.  Along with being around an arena filled with like-minded people, it’s great to know your voice has weight.  From the election of the State Chairman to the approval of the Party Platform…being involved is everything.

You can skip the Primary, like most Hispanics do, and sit around, complaining about how politicians don’t “care” about Hispanic issues, or you can get off your rear end and join the process.  It’s like deciding to join the game, versus be a spectator.

Voting is not a waste of time.  Your vote is not “hopeless.”  In fact, if you believe your vote doesn’t matter, then you have successfully been brainwashed.  Thank the socialist/communist agenda for that.  Once you’ve decided to vote, your next step should be to contact your County Chairman.  Simply google ” Republican County Chairman (enter your county).”  Call the Chairman and let them know you plan on voting and would like to attend the Convention.  I can promise you, the Chairman will be thrilled to hear from you.  If they’re not, please send me a message, and we’ll call him again.



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  1. Ed Vidal

    Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action, Houston, Texas, are working to promote conservative principles and political engagement in the Hispanic community.

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