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Sleeping giant, or lazy demographic?

Lots of rallies yield dismal voter turnout

Lots of rallies yield dismal voter turnout

We’ve heard for so long how Hispanics will play a role in the future of this great nation, but when only 15-20% of total registered Hispanic voters show up on election day, are we really a force to reckon with?

I’ve sat face to face with U.S. congressmen and consultants who have told me there’s too much risk and little “reward” for sticking their necks out for Hispanic issues…like immigration reform.

Democrats can rally their standard Hispanic crowd by making promises they can’t keep, but with all the noise and hype, the Hispanic “power” at the polls is barely felt.

It’s true nearly 70% of Hispanics who voted, cast their vote for President Obama, but don’t be misled. 70% of Hispanics didn’t show up on Election Day. If we did, there may have been a totally different outcome, since we know most Hispanics are conservative.

So, despite the media frenzy to show how Hispanics support Democrats, it’s clear to say the majority of Hispanics aren’t even voting. How sad, that our people have forgotten what it’s like to be a patriot. It’s a shame that we are dismissed for the lack of our effort to vote.

Truth is, we don’t deserve to be listened to. We’ve been conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to whimper and whine, rather than engage and overcome. Our people say, “What difference does it make? Our vote doesn’t matter anyway,” insinuating the vote is compromised and corrupted. An easy cop-out, no doubt.

It’s much easier to watch our novellas and Sabado Gigante, to see which girls have the shortest skirts, than to get in our car and drive to the polling places. We act as if it’s difficult to drive a few miles or blocks, and complain when we’re asked to show our ID to vote. Give me a break!

We’re mere spectators in the political world, and we allow others to speak for us. When things don’t go our way, we look to “organizers” to help us march and make our signs for us. We couldn’t fight ourselves out of a wet paper bag if we had to. And while we sit around and mope about why things don’t go our way, we never consider the reality that our voice (vote) is silenced by our own actions.

Do I think the Hispanic community has the potential to become the force everyone talks about? Yes, I do. But it’s not going to happen by sitting on our heels. We’re not going to make real progress by allowing others to speak for us. Immigration reform won’t happen until we unify and speak up on Election Day.

Sure, you can fast if you want to. It’s great drama, and the media loves it, but what does it accomplish? Nothing. We don’t have to fast to get things done. We just have to vote…somewhere around 50% turnout would change the world. Is that too much to ask for?

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