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President Hits Lowest Approval, Former Supporter Speaks Out

Former Obama supporter says "He hasn't kept his promises."

Former Texas Obama supporter says “President Obama hasn’t kept his promises.”

This interview with Morris Simpson, from Waco,TX, shows how average people are beginning to see through President Obama’s hype.  It explains and validates the low approval ratings, as low as 37% recently.  You’ll see the wool has been pulled from their eyes.

 Un-filtered, ordinary citizens provide a true glimpse of the mindset of the community

Sometimes, in this world of highly-charged, ultra political media, it’s better to hear opinions and thoughts directly from the people.  In this episode of “Man on the Street,” we visited with a man wearing a “Barack Obama – 2012” cap.   We talked about his thoughts on Obamacare, the border, illegal immigration, the Black community, Holy War and much more.

At first, he wasn’t sure about me, but once he realized I was going to be fair, he decided to entertain me with his perspectives.

We first began talking about the Vietnam War, which I was told he was a veteran. “Would you like to talk about your time in Vietnam?” I asked. “Were you in combat?” He shook his head saying, “I don’t really want to talk about it. Brings back bad thoughts. Hard to deal with.

“That’s OK,” I replied, and continued with the interview.  We shifted to a conversation about freedom and what it means to him.  “It’s about the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ to me,” he quickly replied.  “That’s why so many people are coming here…because we’re the land of the free.”  I brought up the issues of costs associated with our broken system.  We talked about abuse in the welfare system and our “hand-out” society.

Since he was wearing an Obama cap, I asked…”You must be an Obama supporter, wearing his cap?”  “I was,” he paused.   “but not anymore.  He’s made a lot of promises [he didn’t keep], and he didn’t know what he was up against.”

Up against?  Mr. Simpson was obviously referring to the racial conditions in America, suggesting the reason he’s done so poorly was because he was blocked from making laws by congress.  “Yeah…it’s because his laws were too liberal!” I replied.  “Yes, he was too liberal,” he agreed.  He tried to express his perspective, which was mixed between reality and propaganda.  He wanted to believe Obama was simply having a hard time, but couldn’t help but realize the President’s made a bunch of mistakes during his presidency.

I was relieved to hear him say he “used to support Obama, but not anymore.”  It tells me the media isn’t able to spin the president out of this mess.

Obamacare must not be allowed to pass, and Mr. Simpson agrees.

This medical insurance mandate is an unbelievable, but glaring example of how this President knowingly is placing shackles on the citizens of this country.  We’ve all become aware of the IRS’s involvement in the collection of fees for Obamacare, and now many are coming to realize how this all plays out.  It makes people wonder why this president continues to build his civilian police force.  Just another attempt to control us.

“What do you think happens if Obamacare is allowed to go into effect?” I asked.  “We’re liable to go into a depression.  Stock market’s liable to crash.  It’ll be like the crash of the 20’s.  People will jump from buildings.  They’ll lose everything they’ve got, and in the end, will end up living like people with low income,” he replied.

While 90% of Black voters supported Barack Obama, it’s easy to see he’s losing ground.  In an effort to hold on to what little he still has, he’ll do something drastic regarding immigration reform, in order to woo the Latino vote.  Shifting quickly, Obama’s got to do something to stop the “bleeding,” and he’ll reach to Hispanics to save him.

Will Hispanics allow themselves to be used to blatantly?  Some will, for a chance to beat the immigration system.  But I hope the Conservative Hispanics, those who still linger in the Democrat Party, will not stand with Obama.  Hopefully they show their support for freedom and liberty.  Hopefully they’ve seen progressivism’s ugly face, and it was a little too close for comfort.


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