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Why Republicans are Resisting Obamacare



Democrats and Liberals claim that the root cause of this government shut down is “the Republican Party refusal to accept the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare,” but they’re wrong.  It’s not about our Party.  It’s about being force-fed Obamacare.

Fortunately, we Hispanics aren’t following the Democrat propaganda like blind lemmings. Instead, we know the true “cause” of the shut down, and it isn’t because of the Republicans or the Tea Party.

The facts are, the American people have been misled by President Obama and his Administration, who made promises during his campaign, that he has not kept. He said that costs (insurance premiums) would decrease, but instead, they’ve gone up for millions of Americans.

Side effects of Obamacare

He promised we would be able to keep our doctors, but many are discovering they can’t keep their doctor, and are forced to find one within the government’s network.

To add to the misery, as you may have heard, employers across the country have been laying off hundreds of thousands of employees due to the burdens of “Obamacare.” They’re cutting back hours, trying to keep people employed, taking them off full-time and shifting to part-time.

Why are they doing this? It’s not because they’re “mean corporations,” out to hurt the working man, but because this catastrophe of a medical plan if forcing massive costs on business owners,. They must decide to either stay open and cut employees, or close the doors and send everyone home.

Yes, this government shut down is about resisting Obamacare. It’s about preventing Obamacare from destroying the engine of this nation…business. While President Obama has fed us lie after lie, making promises he never intended to keep, people were led to believe they’d have free healthcare.

But we all know nothing comes for free. There’s always a cost to pay, and the American people will suffer the most for Obama’s attempt to force us all to pay for his mandatory insurance. Yes, it was upheld by the Supreme Court, as a TAX, but did we ask for a mandatory personal tax increase?

What about all those who are struggling in this tough economy?

I see them everyday. Hard times are upon us, yet this President forces additional costs on us? Many are figuring out how to pay rent and utilities, now, because of Obamacare, we’ll have to figure out how to come up with money we don’t have, to buy insurance.

What if we don’t want it? What if we can’t afford it? Too bad.

Even Teamsters Union President James Hoffa Jr., an advocate for employee rights, wrote a letter to the President and the Democrat leadership, urging them to delay Obamacare because of its damaging effect on business.

While some try to blame this on Republicans, it was the Democrats who forced Obamacare on you. Remember that! Republicans are trying to dismantle it not because they want to restrict access to healthcare, but because they want to eliminate the chains attached to the people by this President.

Let’s also not forget how this “law” came to be. Remember, President Obama told us we would have plenty of time to review the bill, to assess it and discuss it openly. But again, he lied to us. Instead, the House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, said, “We need to just pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” And at midnight, when most Americans were asleep, they snuck it through congress without allowing the people to read the bill.

Don’t be fooled. Obamacare is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Soon, if it’s allowed to continue, you’ll discover the truth about it. You’ll discover that the IRS is managing the payments, and they’ll be the ones coming to your door, asking for your payment. Guess what happens if you don’t pay?

Republicans aren’t against “access to healthcare.” We’re against being forced to pay for things against our will.

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