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Grassroots Republican Primary Poll (Texas)

Grassroots Republican Primary Poll (Texas)

Grassroots Republican Primary Poll (Texas)

This Grassroots Republican Primary Poll (Texas) is a polling page for Texas Statewide Republican Primary races.  Please take a few moments to scroll and cast your vote.

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Comments (57)

  1. Lisa Dickison

    Where is Dewhurst in the Lt. Gov. race? Did I miss an announcement or did you miss putting him on there?

  2. Morgan McComb

    You left Wayne Christian off the RR Com. race too….

  3. Vicky

    How come it gets stuck on the Ag Commissioner race?

  4. Richard Clark

    George P. Bush needs to answer one question…”Your grandfather, your uncle and your father are all Moderate, Progressive Establishment Republicans. What makes you any different now and in the future?”

    • WJW

      FYI, half of the 22 state reps who have endorsed him got failing grades from Empower Texans Fiscal Responsibility Index rating for the 83rd session. Two others received D grades. When I pointed this out on his Facebook page, the post was deleted and I got blocked.

  5. James

    You misspelled Sid Miller in the AG Commissioner Race — You spelled it “Brandon Creighton”

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      Thanks! I’ve added him to the poll, but not sure how to handle his votes. The least # of votes to date, is 43, for J. Allen Carnes. Should we start Miller out with at least that many? Or are people voting for him via Brandon Creighton?

      • Cathy

        Duke, Have to question accuracy of Ag Commissioner numbers when you say “not sure how to handle votes”. And, then you ask if you should start one candidate out with at least as many votes as another candidate had received. Then assume that if someone voted for Brandon Creighton they really wanted to vote for a candidate with an entirely different name. Really? Maybe you need to start this one over.

        • DukeMachado DukeMachado

          Hi Cathy. Per our conversation today, I think you’ll agree these poll results are more accurate than previously thought. They reflect the votes of many grassroots supporters.

          I’m sure, after you mention this poll to your supporters, they will have the opportunity to show their strength. I’ve decided to close the poll on Wednesday, which will allow each campaign the ability to engage their supporters and direct them to the poll to cast their vote.

          Great talking to you today. I enjoyed that video!!

  6. kelly canon

    Why does’t this poll also have the race for US Senator? I want to see how bad Cornyn’s numbers are TANKING right now!

  7. Eric Mahroum

    Sboe district 11?

  8. J Machacek

    The site won’t let me votefor anything but Ag Commissioner… It auto fills and selects candidates as soon as clicking the link is refreshed. This glitch makes me automatically skeptical of this poll’s results.

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      When you click on “refresh” the page is assuming you’re done voting. It has a “submit” button under each race, and the way it works is to cast a vote for a candidate in each race, then press “submit” after you’ve selected the candidate of your choice. The page is not “adding” an automatic vote for anyone, just letting you know the results of previous votes. If you want to vote for the others, you can do it from a different IP address, like your cell phone, because the system is designed to only allow one IP address to vote one time.

  9. AlkalineBill

    I don’y know who most of these people are other than Abbott, Dewhurst, Patrick

  10. Marvintyson

    Am I overlooking something, or did you overlook the fact that we have an election for U.S. Senator in 2014? A true Constitutional conservative (Dwayne Stovall) is running to unseat a true RINO (John Cornyn).

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      No, you’re not overlooking anything. This is a poll page for Texas State Offices, not U.S. Senate, Congressional or Presidential races.

    • BriLikesTea

      I hope John Cornyn has a new job lined up…

    • Scott West

      Let’s go down in flames! Good grief.

      Even Reagan couldn’t meet the current “conservative” litmus test, yet he, like Cornyn, were effective. Cornyn is now the minority whip. Maybe for you he’s not conservative enough, but for the bulk of TX voters, he’s doing a very solid job. You think there is a perfect candidate out there, then you run. ‘Cause no one is going to be perfect unless they think exactly like you.

      • Marvintyson

        I’m not looking for perfect, but I am looking for the most conservative candidate in the race. Cornyn wouldn’t know “conservative” if it bit him on the nose. I travel the State attending conservative meetings and I find almost nobody who doesn’t hate the man’s guts, let alone support him. He doesn’t even know what the constitutional role of a Senator is! He has spouted over and over that he “will do what’s best for America!” His JOB is to do what’s best for TEXAS! POTUS and the VP are to represent the country, a senator should represent his State. Cornyn thinks he’s the Assistant President!

  11. I’m with Brandon Creighton of Agriculture Commissioner. Not able to vote for the best man for the job is a little disheartening.

  12. BriLikesTea

    Thank you, Lawrence Jones. You have done your homework and have come to realize at a young age what the Democrat agenda REALLY is. Intelligent guy! Run for something in the future so we can vote for YOU!

  13. WJW

    FYI, half of the 22 state reps who have endorsed George P. Bush got failing grades
    from Empower Texans Fiscal Responsibility Index rating for the 83rd
    session. Two others received D grades. When I pointed this out on his
    Facebook page, the post was deleted and I got blocked.

  14. SECEDE

    SECEDE’s name is all caps.

  15. Jason Vaughn


    Thanks for running the poll. I know some of the races have had changes recently and it can be hard to keep up. We all know that no poll is ever precise because some campaigns may push more users than others and if you’re in a runaway race you may not even bother mentioning or participating at all. Yet, it is good to see where the grassroots stand in some of the closer races. Thanks for running it.


    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      No problem. We just had a few issues to deal with early on, and like you said, every candidate (at least those who know about the poll) will send their supporters to vote for them. For this reason, we will keep the poll open till 5PM Wednesday evening. This is enough time for everyone to participate, yet isn’t so long that it becomes irrelevant. Glad you like it, and thanks for the comment!

  16. MSM

    Ugh, anyone but Dan Patrick. I’ve watched the way the guy operates. He’s all about himself. He’s just another McCain waiting to happen. A man who says he’s a staunch conservative, but once he has power he just becomes crony to the core.

    He doesn’t operate by principles. Just “what do I have to say to get elected”.

    I wish I knew who could beat him. Staples? Patterson?

    Dan Patrick is a RINO trying to disguise himself as Tea Party. We don’t need anymore Jeff Flakes.

    • Dan Patrick is an honorable man and your mud won’t stick. I personally am voting for Staples because he is the best candidate for the job.

      • MSM

        If you say so. I base my view on my own observations. Feel free to base yours on your own.

        However, I strongly disagree.

        But we can agree to disagree.

        • I understand your sentiments. I am from Harris County where Dan Patrick has a lot of influence because of the strong conservative stances he takes. You will normally hear the regular moderates around town mumble under their breath about him being a radical. I like him and he has been a good State Senator, but I am sticking with Todd because he will keep Texas on the Right path.

          • MSM

            I probably will back Todd too. I’m not against Dan Patrick because I think he’s too conservative. I disagree with people’s view of what is too conservative. I think Senator Ted Cruz is awesome.

            I don’t support Dan Patrick because I think its an act. I think he’s someone pretending to be a sincere red-meat conservative only to get into power.

            But you might’ve seen a different side of him. I don’t buy this “we have to moderate” argument. The democrats have never had to moderate their stances and Wendy Davis takes one heck of a radical stance on abortion (as shown by her filibuster).

            So I assure you it is not because I think he’s too conservative. It’s because I don’t think he’s genuinely conservative. I think he just wants power.

            Again that’s only my opinion on him.

            Whereas I think Sen. Ted Cruz is the real deal. I may not agree with Greg Abbot on a lot of things, but I think he’s sincerely a pro-Texas conservative.

    • LarryYoungblood

      In Dan’s first election to be my state Senator, all my establishment friends convinced me to work against him as “too conservative and can’t get anything done” and I worked for another candidate. It became quite obvious after couple of debates that Dan was head and shoulders above my candidate in knowledge and fortitude. I had two friends in this race. I elbowed my wife sitting next to me and said, Marie, “we’re working for the wrong man”. I wanted to make a difference as well and was elected to the CYFAIR school board where Dan’s work was diligent and effective for the kids in our massively underfunded district during the depths of our national/state recession. He listened, built consensus, and provided solutions. He often responded to my emails at 3am – the middle of the night – and when I offered good suggestions, he changed or added these good points to very important bills that have passed review in federal courts. The Tea Party is a big tent. He has attended numerous meetings including mine and he and his ideas are well received. His principles are our principles, He is by no means a “Flake” and though I have two other friends in this race….he is the best man for this job in Texas certainly at this time when we are under progressive assault. Larry Youngblood Leon Co Tea Party President.

      • MSM

        I perfectly support following your instincts. If he is who you feel represents your interests, then there is nothing more I can say.

        But to be clear it’s not because I view Dan Patrick as too conservative. People say that about Ted Cruz. I think that’s progressive garbage.

        But my instincts and observations about Dan Patrick are pulling me to be wary of him. Some people change when they get to positions of higher power. They are a fine at a certain level, but the higher they go the more they change.

        Look at so-called Tea Party candidates like Rubio who ended up siding with McCain and Schumer.

        I think Dan Patrick is a fine senator where he is. If he climbs any higher, I think he’s prone to corruption. That’s just my instincts and observations.

        But I respect if you disagree and feel he’s your man.

  17. Austin Wildcatter

    Three days after first seeing this, and still cannot vote. Help.

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      Call me: 254-214-9368

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      Suggestion: This poll is designed to track all IP addresses as well as cookies. It is that way to prevent people from voting more than once. If you’re having difficulty voting from your computer, try to either clear your cookies, or vote from your cell phone or iPad.

  18. Heather Huber

    HI, I’m trying t vote for attorney general, but the vote button underneath that section has disappeared.

  19. James Maxwell

    While I like both Bushes, their political stance was to moderate for my taste and
    they did not have the fire in their belly to go after and fight for conservative ideals
    Even Jeb Bush was not a strong conservative but a moderate at best. We need
    men and women of conviction who are willing to stand in the breech to fight for
    our nation and our freedoms. .

  20. DukeMachado DukeMachado

    Poll is now OFFICIALLY Closed. Thank you for participating!! The Grassroots have spoken!

  21. Adam

    Polls don’t work on mobile. Only seeing the wordpress shortcode.

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