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Republicans against Obamacare: Keep your powder dry

Obamacare and Republicans

Republicans against Obamacare.

The last thing anti-Obamacare activists believe, is that they can’t derail the President’s plans to provide affordable health care to all Americans.

While many agree, the plan is not supported by people according to polls, the fact remains, it has been crafted in a way that is hard to unravel.

Immediately after President Obama created the new mandate, and it passed the U.S. Supreme Court as a “tax,” many Republicans went on the offensive, saying,”It doesn’t matter what the President does, if the House doesn’t fund it, it won’t go through.”

Republicans and Obamacare

“For over a year, Republicans have been on the “defund Obamacare” warpath, urging their elected officials to vote to defund the program.

On Friday, the GOP-controlled House voted to cripple President Barack Obama’s health care law as part of a risky ploy that threatens a government shutdown in a week and a half, reports AP.

The fight is coming on a stopgap funding measure required to keep the government fully running after the Oct. 1 start of the new budget year.

Typically, such measures advance with sweeping bipartisan support, but tea party activists forced GOP leaders — against their better judgment — to add a provision to cripple the health care law that’s the signature accomplishment of Obama’s first term.

Defund Obamacare might fail

Until recently, Republicans felt confident that since the House of Representatives controls the budget, and the Republicans control the House, then there should be no problems getting this done.

But at an event in Waco,TX, during a 15 county Republican rally to Keep Texas Red, U.S. Representative, Bill Flores (CD-17) began to break the news that this “defund Obamacare,” had a high probability to fail.

Using an analogy of the American Revolution, Flores began talking about the battles that turned the tide.  Battles led by General George Washington.  Flores mentioned there were critical battles that could not have been won, had Washington failed in previous battles and lost his men.

 Flores said, “We need to start talking more about the things we agree on, instead of fighting each other,” referring to the infighting taking place between Republicans regarding the tactics to use to bring an end to Obamacare.

“If we continue this approach, we could lose the House, and imagine what the Democrats would do with control of the House and the Senate?,” he added.

People were visibly upset.  They couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and were frustrated to hear their Representative “surrender” on this very important issue.

But, is “retreating” the same as “surrendering?”

Back to the Washington analogy.  If Washington had used his troops carelessly, sending them into battles he knew he couldn’t win, he may have been able to claim that he never turned down a fight.

But he would have suffered many casualties in the process, and in the end, would have been unable to fight the critical battles and ultimately win the war.

Do people today call General Washington a man who surrendered? He never surrendered.  He kept his powder dry.  He waited for the right moment, and his actions proved to be the right ones.   He’s a National hero who did the right thing and because of his tough decisions, we all have our freedom today.

I agree with Flores. Obamacare is not good for the country, but if Republicans lose control of the House, we can be certain there will never be the opportunity to repeal it.

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