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Republican Consultants and the Hispanic Vote

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Hispanics will be the majority in Texas in 2020.  The Hispanic vote is up for grabs in Texas.  Image courtesy

Time and time again, I run into the scenario where Republican consultants and candidates find themselves weighing the value of the Hispanic vote.

They crunch the numbers and build the budgets, yet always seem to fall short of doing anything substantial to gain support (votes) from the Hispanic community.

Granted, some may not even know where to begin, and that’s definitely a huge problem, but what’s worse is, some know what to do and how to do it, but refuse to “waste” campaign dollars on reaching Hispanics.

They assume it’s wasted effort, since we all know Hispanics voted for President Obama at an astonishing 71% in the last election.  Because these consultants  reject the notion that many Hispanics are potential Republican voters, they simply don’t make the effort.

And where does this lead?

Well, it’s obvious to Hispanics that the Republican Party is trying to make a dent now, but where has the Party been?  The impression has been that “Republicans don’t care,” and with our genius strategy to avoid dealing with tough issues like immigration, and omitting Hispanics in the victory strategy, that impression remains.

Why haven’t Republicans been busy building the message in the Hispanic community?

What’s apparent to Hispanics is that there is no real effort being made to connect with them.  No one’s asking, “and what’s on your mind Mr. and Mrs. Martinez?”  Because the political consultant mindset is the way it is, and they drive the direction of the candidate, we are drifting further away from accomplishing our goal.  And yes, it is a goal to gain more Hispanic support…let’s not kid ourselves.

Until Hispanics start to feel as if their concerns are the same concerns of the Republican candidate, we will never gain their support…we’ll never earn the trust.  When we can get Republican candidates to connect with Hispanics and ask for their support, and act like their vote matters to them, we might start winning some of these much needed votes.  Otherwise, we’re just allowing the Democrats to come in and take them before our eyes.

It annoys me when I hear a consultant outline a strategy that fails to include reaching all the voters.  Sure, I realize it’s financially impossible in many cases to reach “everyone,” but can’t you at least make it seem like you’re trying?  Trust me, the lack of effort shows, and it tells more than you know.

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