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Rick Perry finished with Politics?

Governor Rick Perry.  Courtesy The Blaze.

Governor Rick Perry. Courtesy The Blaze.

What we now know is that Rick Perry will not seek a another term as Governor of Texas.  “I will truly miss serving in this capacity, because it is the greatest job in modern politics,” stated Gov. Perry, as he made his announcement in San Antonio.

Many wonder if he’ll run for President, and if his track record in Texas can propel him across the finish line in 2016.  After all, he’s been the longest reigning Governor in the history of Texas, and Texas’ economy appears to be bullet-proof at the moment.

There’s a lot of changes taking place in Texas, like musical chairs, several Republicans are positioning themselves, jockeying for funds and endorsements.  They understand how important it is to lead early, to shake off any challengers.   But in Texas, Democrats have decided their future is here, and they’re dedicated to turning Texas blue.  Eager Democrats see opportunity and they’re anxious to stick their foot in the door and pry it open.

For the past several years in Texas, a handful of Republican leaders have emerged, expressing their interest in running the “reddest” state in the Union.  Republican Attorney General, Greg Abbott officially announced his intention to run for Governor, but he’ll be opposed by at least one Republican challenger in the primary, Tom Pauken, former Director of the Texas Workforce Commission and Reagan Administration member.

Pauken, in an exclusive interview with GOPisForMe, talked about the “crony capitalism” taking place under the Perry Administration, naming Abbott as someone who is part of “that” style of governance.  Pauken has mentioned that “Texans will have to pay the price one day, for the decisions being made today,” regarding our fiscal policy.

The race for Lt. Governor is equally interesting, as it poses current Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson against Todd Staples, current Texas Agricultural Commissioner.  Both are well respected, successful in their own right.  Both have been touring the state, campaigning for months already.

But what’s next for Rick Perry?  Another run for President?  Maybe back to civilian life?

Talking to Texas Republicans, they don’t see civilian life for Perry.  Weston Martinez, former candidate for RNC National Committeeman for Texas, feels Perry will announce his bid for President some time in September.  When asked why, Martinez replied, “He didn’t get a good bite of the apple (last time),” implying Perry only tasted the “apple,” and wants another chance to make a better run at the Presidency.

Other political consultants in Texas agree, Perry doesn’t make the impression he’s hanging up his political suit.  According to one consultant, “He’s the master of publicity, and drawing this out, releasing more news later, is a perfect way to put his feelers out and get a sense for whether it’s the right time or not.  My guess is, he’ll make his next announcement in eight months and start his campaign for 2016.”

Of the half dozen Republican activists I spoke with, none of them feel he’s done with the political life, and fully expect him to run for President in 2016.  Question is, will his message resonate early?  Has he learned from his previous run?  And is America ready for another President from Texas?


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