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Tom Pauken interview on GOPisForMe, an Hispanic Auxiliary

Tom PaukenWe’ve got lots to talk about…informing the voters is key to ensuring our state thrives.  This interview with Republican Candidate, Tom Pauken, gives an in-depth perspective on many of todays hot issues.  From border security to education, we get into the details of our state’s government and what he believes should happen if elected in 2014.

This is a candid interview with a veteran of the Reagan Administration who serves as Director of the Texas Workforce Commission.  His open, honest responses will resonate with many, in my opinion.  He sees what’s coming for Texas, and he offers some unique, revolutionary yet simple alternatives to accomplish the same goals.

Reducing taxes is a high priority for Pauken, who proposes the elimination of the Emerging Technology Fund, which essentially, according to Pauken, resembles the Solyndra model, where government invests in private business.

Instead, he proposes to shift those funds into an account to deal directly with securing our border.  “Why should we have to count on the federal government to secure our border?” asked Pauken, who added it should be the state’s responsibility to secure its own border.

He’s concerned with school drop-out rates and feels the school system should provide alternate paths for students, suggesting preparation for trade-schools and vocational training.  “We need to create a pathway to jobs,” said Pauken.

Regarding the border, he doesn’t have a specific plan, but feels confident he would assemble the best minds to create a workable plan.  He wants to gather border patrol, federal agents, military experts in technology, and develop a plan that works within the budget.

There’s 34 minutes of interview.  Please take some time and listen to this candidate.  Primaries aren’t too far away…You decide.


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