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“Our Sacred Honor” House Party : Featuring Sen. Brian Birdwell Keynote Speaker

Patriot Voices HP

On Friday, March 22rd, at the Westhill Church of Christ in Corsicana,TX, Andrew Chavarrilla, Texas’ Patriot Voices coordinator,  will be hosting a, “Our Sacred Honor” Party for Patriot Voices and Sen. Rick Santorum.  You are invited to attend and receive some information as well as watch a special video message from the Senator. Come learn about the intent of our founding fathers and what the had to say about FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM!
Begins at 6:30 PM.

Click Here to go to Facebook Event Page

We interviewed Andrew about the event to find out more and let people know w should expect.

GOPisForMe: What’s the purpose of the House Party?

Andrew: To raise awareness of the founding principles of our great nation

GOPisForMe: What’s the tie in with Rick Santorum?

Andrew:  This is for Patriot Voices, the grass roots group the Senator started after his go at the primaries. He didn’t want to give up on making the true voice of conservatives heard in Washington.  We are going to be viewing his documentary that he filmed last year with Citizens United called Our Sacred Honor that informs the viewer just what the founders were all about!

GOPisForMe: Who would be interested in coming to the House Party? What kind of people?

Andrew: I think every kind of person should be interested in coming to this party. However, really it is for any American that is concerned about the direction of our nation and wanting to find out how to get involved, get informed and get back on track when it comes to the true values our country was founded on being Faith in God, Strength in Family, Hope in Freedom and Seizing Opportunity!

GOPisForMe: Perfect, and Senator Birdwell is the keynote speaker?

Andrew: Yes, Sen. Birdwell will be our keynote speaker. After some brief introductory remarks and a short 8 minute video “welcome message” from Sen. Santorum.  After the Senator’s message, I will give some brief words and introduce Sen. Birdwell.

GOPisForMe: Birdwell’s awesome!  Definitely looking forward to that!  Then the movie…

Andrew: yes… I want people to be primed for Birdwell, then they can relax a bit and watch the movie!

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