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Enter Julian Castro, the next “Great Hope”

San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro.  Photo courtesy the national Journal.

San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro. Photo courtesy the national Journal.

BEXAR COUNTY, TX – San Antonio, a city known for epic battles, is the new landscape of the ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans.   In a quest to gain long-term dominance of the electoral college votes, Democrats see blood in the water, and they’ve sent the sharks to find the weakness and expose it.

San Antonio, a city of 1.36 million people, 63% of which are Hispanic or Latin in origin, is the gateway to the South, and the last major city before you reach the Rio Grand Valley, the Democratic stronghold in Texas.  With their backs to the Gulf of Mexico, and their new frontline established from San Antonio, Houston and Austin, Democrats will begin pushing northward, engulfing the area between the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and the northern line.

With voter registrars and volunteers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin, racking up tens of thousands of new voters, one begins to wonder if they can actually pull it off.

Enter Julian Castro, the next “Great Hope”

A key factor in Obama’s reelection was obviously the tremendous support from the Hispanic community.  Prior to the November election and uncertain of the level of commitment to the Democrat Party, Obama offered the “Dream Act” to illegal immigrants, guaranteeing himself 72% of the Hispanic vote and smooth sailing toward his reelection.

With renewed political capital,  and the fact Texas will soon become a Hispanic majority state, Democrats feel empowered to tackle the state of Texas, using one of the Liberal Hispanic community’s very own, Julian Castro to accomplish their task.

Castro, selected to speak at the Democratic National Convention, is a self proclaimed “product of affirmative action,” exclaimed George H. Rodriguez, a conservative activist in San Antonio.  Rodriguez, the former President of the San Antonio Tea Party has spent lots of time getting to know Castro, digging into the Mayor’s policy and plans for San Antonio.  “They are products of political sugar daddy’s that push them through affirmative action….they have never really held a private sector job,” Rodriguez emphasized.

At 37 , Castro was elected Mayor of San Antonio with nearly 82% of the vote.  Prior to winning the Mayor’s race, he was the youngest elected City Councilman in history, at 26.  Castro is an advocate of big government, and is not afraid to raise taxes on the residents if he wants something, and he’s got a few pet projects already in the works.

Wasting no time, he’s enacted liberal, social programs and is pushing for “green energy” initiatives, like the new rail system and a Pre-K4SA program, where tax dollars will fund 4 new education centers for 4 year old children.  A grand plan from the “Brainpower Taskforce,”which recommended the development of a program focused on high quality prekindergarten services for four-year-old children, is the Mayor’s crowning achievement to date.

Castro is probably perceived by Hispanics in San Antonio, as Robin Hood, who takes from the rich to give to the poor.    By promoting Castro, the Democrat Party will be placing a Hispanic on a pedestal, showing the nation how much they care about Hispanics.  And the people will eat it up.

Consequences of letting Texas turn blue

Although not “war” as we know it, this “political war” will have grave consequences for the residents, and the future of Texas most certainly lies in the balance.  If victorious, under the control of the Democrats, Texas will likely transition from the most successful state in the nation, to something more resembling California.  Taxes will increase to support the new social programs to “help the needy,” and working people will be left with less money in their pockets.

Unions will take hold and with them, all the issues associated with them, like mandatory wage increases, pensions, and benefits will descend upon the state.  Businesses will operate under the policies set by Liberals, where affirmative action will be commonplace, and fees and environmental restrictions will choke industry.

Religious freedom will be attacked daily and gun rights will be infringed upon, as we’ve already witnessed from the Democrats in office.  Question is, will Democrats succeed?

The cost to turn Texas blue has been speculated to be 10 Million, which using past examples of the Obama machine tells us will include bussing in volunteers and unleashing an army of loyal Democrats to target minorities in urban regions of the state.

It’s no secret.  They’re here, and not in hiding.

Republicans must unite

If Texas is to remain under control of the Republican Party, it means the Governor, Lt. Governor, the House of Representatives and the Senate, must all remain controlled by the Republicans.  A difficult task under normal conditions, this will become more and more difficult to achieve as the Democrat Party pumps millions into the state.  Race by race, Republican candidates will be targeted, and will face the machine that got Obama reelected and has kept Senator Reed and Representative Pelosi in office.

There will be several strategies that emerge from Republicans.  Some will come from the Republican Party of Texas, others will come from Conservative groups and others will come directly from individuals-the grassroots.  The RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus has just completed his national discovery tour, where he’s met countless activists from across the country.  He’s heard solution after solution, some from frustrated activists and some from loyalists.  In less than 2 weeks, he’s expected to roll-out the game plan to counter the momentum of the Democrats, and when he does, Republicans must hit the ground running.

Outreach will be but one component  of the effort to keep Texas red.  If Republicans expect to compete, they must be able to match the funding of the opposition, which means Texas Republicans need to raise 10 million and invest it wisely.  Before the Democrats gain traction, Republicans must establish themselves in regions they have previously not held.  Republicans must go into South Texas with a purpose, and expose the social agenda of the Democrats before it’s too late.  They must be willing to go into minority sections of Houston and Dallas, reaching people and educating them.

San Antonio will once again be a rally point, where Republicans must unite to defeat Julian Castro, the iconic embodiment of the future of the Democrat Party.  If Texas Republicans understand one thing, it’s not to underestimate the Democrats.

Before Democrats can start celebrating, there’s one thing they need to overcome.  Republicans have a track record.  It’s one thing to mislead large groups of people when times are bad, the economy is slow, and jobs are scarce.  The promise of new jobs and a brighter future are always a lure for people struggling during hard times.  But Texas isn’t Illinois or Ohio.  Texas residents are working, happy and thriving.  They were least affected by the recession, and you can bet that plays into the Republican’s hands.  Democrats can’t deny the prosperity and success Texans in both parties have enjoyed while under the leadership of Conservative Republicans.

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