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Day of Resistance Dallas/Ft Worth 2/23/2013

Day of Resistance Dallas/Ft Worth 2/23/2013

Contact: Fatima Thomas
Ph # 682-465-1902

Dallas-Fort Worth Citizens Announce
Day of Resistance Rally
Concerned Citizens to Gather in Dallas, TX to Rally Against Obama

Administration Oversteps

Dallas-Fort Worth (February 15, 2013): Voters, businessmen and women, legislators and influencers will rally together on February 23rd, 2013, to protest the Obama Administration’s recent constitutional oversteps.

President Barack Obama issued 23 executive actions which violate the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution. These actions were taken without the consent of Congress which violates the foundation of the Constitution and the United States’ principle of co-equal branches of government.

In response to these action by the President, on February 23rd, 2013, voters across the United States will gather in peaceful assembly to defend their rights. In conjunction with the national movement, a rally will be held in Dallas, TX at Flag Pole Hill located at 8100 Doran Circle.

“We believe strongly in the foundation of balance of power laid out in our Constitution and will not stand by and allow our rights to be trampled,” said local rally organizer Sharon Kay Russell, “we want to show both the President and the rest of our fellow Americans that there is a united front against these actions.”

More information can be found at:

Hold the line,
TX State Director
Sharon Russell

“Individual citizens uniting to take back their representation from the establishment and special interests.”

Join The Resistance – Dallas – Fort Worth Day of Resistance .223 Second Amendment Rally – 2:00 PM 8100 Doran Circle NW Hwy @ Buckner Dallas, Texas

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