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The Price of This Presidency…


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$46.2 Trillion in total federal spending proposed by Obama’s FY2013 budget through 2022,
$16.5 Trillion in current national debt,
$5.9 Trillion added to the national debt since President Obama took office.

THAT is the price of Obama’s presidency.

Last night, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to the nation. On these key issues of our nation’s debt crisis and out of control spending he was largely silent. But we literally cannot afford to be quiet.

If you have had enough of politicians pandering with promises they can’t afford, spending money we don’t have and maxing out your children and grandchildren’s credit card, then I ask you to sign this petition to let the White House know that President Obama’s Agenda is not Texas’ Agenda!

Enough is enough.
While the rest of the nation is saddled with back-breaking debt and unemployment, Texas continually manages to balance our state budget and keep our unemployment rate well below the national average. Here in Texas we know how to make tough choices and roll up our sleeves to get our people working and money flowing through the economy.

Tell President Obama his agenda is not our agenda!
It is time for a return to common sense budgeting – sign the petition now!


Greg Abbott

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