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Marco Rubio Delivers Republican Message with Passion

marco rubio sotu2When Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) began his rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address, he had the pressure of the Republican nation on his shoulders.  After listening to the President talk about his success and vision for the future, it became obvious, Rubio’s speech would need to not only offset the President’s over-promising rhetoric, but also set the record straight. 

Chosen for his electric appeal within the Republican Party, and for his ability to communicate effectively, the Senator from Florida delivered his message to the world.  Rubio’s ability to connect with all people, from wealthy business owners to the minimum wage earner, is his primary strength.  When he says, “We believe every life, at every stage, is precious,” we believe him because he is someone who began life at the bottom and worked his way up.

Like Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, who talked about living in poverty, their story is relatable to many Americans, who also experienced poverty.  But in America, we have the right to dream.  We have the ability to overcome our temporary situation and improve our lives.  All it takes is the decision to achieve, and the desire to succeed.

This is the essence of Marco Rubio, and why he is gaining traction across the country within the Republican Party.  On Facebook, several groups have emerged in support of the Florida Senator, including a few Drafting groups, like Marco Rubio for President, whose goal is to raise enough national awareness and develop an activist community in preparation for a Marco Rubio run for President in 2016.

While some feel it’s premature to bestow such an honor to a relatively new Senator, others say he stands above the rest, and his confidence and convictions speak for themselves.  Republicans know 2016 will be a battle.  They know the Republican Presidential candidate must be someone who can stand on the battlefield of the campaign and not buckle.

The fact Marco Rubio is of Hispanic decent doesn’t hurt either…especially since he can communicate his own message in Spanish.  With the ever-growing Hispanic population, Democrats are surely concerned about facing Rubio, and have already begun the effort to discredit him.

But the reason Marco Rubio is making headway nationally is not because he’s Hispanic.  It’s because he believes in the principles of the Republican Party.  “Washington doesn’t create jobs…our free enterprise economy is the source of our prosperity,” he said in last night’s rebuttal.  Adding, “Obama thinks free enterprise is the root of our problems.”

On several occasions, Rubio was able to effectively take President Obama’s remarks, strip them down, and expose them as hopeful rhetoric.  In another statement, Rubio simplified Obama’s healthcare solution saying, “Obamacare was supposed to help middle class Americans, but now some of them are losing their insurance…and employers are laying off, or switching from full time to part time employees in order to stay in business.

Another critical issue facing America is our debt and tax structure.  Rubio again drove the message home, reiterating, “Tax increases and deficit spending will hurt middle class families and may cost them their jobs.”  He played on Obama’s style of defending his positions, describing how whenever someone opposes an Obama proposal, they must be for the wealthy and against the middle class.  To this, Rubio responded, “No Mr. President, I oppose your plan because I want to protect my neighbors.  They don’t need the government to get involved…and I hope the President will abandon his obsession with raising taxes, and instead, work with us.”

At every turn, Rubio had Obama’s number, and it’s this clear delineation that’s attractive to Republicans.  From protecting the 2nd Amendment and dispelling Obama’s tactics to reduce American gun rights, to talking plainly about Social Security and Medicare, Rubio’s Conservative perspective is a welcome sight in the Republican Party, and the reason he was selected to deliver the Party’s message last night.

It’s not too early to begin thinking about 2016, and if Marco Rubio continues to gain momentum, who knows, perhaps he’ll run for President.  I have a feeling, if he does, he’d have a nation-wide support structure, of passionate, energetic volunteers.  We’ll see.

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