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Rep. Jason Villalba talks GOP, Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Rep. Jason Villalba  Republican - District 114

Rep. Jason Villalba Republican – District 114

I met up with Jason Villalba a week ago in Austin.  It was late, and an almost empty Capitol became our interview landscape.  “Where do you want to set up?” asked Villalba.  “Oh…it doesn’t matter to me, wherever is most convenient with good light,” I responded.  “Let’s go to the House Floor, ,” Villalba replied, and began walking to the floor.

In this interview, Jason shows how much thought he’s put into some tough issues, and gives us an update on what we should expect from this session.  I asked him about Sanctuary cities, and whether it would come up again.  His response may surprise you.

We also talked about immigration and the growing Hispanic population in Texas.  Although it has only been a few weeks, it seems as though Villalba has slipped into a comfortable pair of shoes.  He was comfortable and natural with his responses, and provided valuable insight.  Keep your eyes on Villalba, he’s about to make a big splash with his School Marshal proposal.


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