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Politicizing? Why I joined the Stepping Stones cause

Stepping Stones Logo3A question was raised as to whether the Stepping Stones program is “politicizing” better education and greater success for Hispanic students. I began to address that question, and what you find below is what was inspired in me. It is the essence of why I joined the Stepping Stones cause and, I believe, the essence of why Stepping Stones exists at all.

We are not simply Republicans. We are ALSO part of the Hispanic community. We don’t have names like Santiago, Machado, Gonzalez, Jimenez for nothing. The issue of education is a BIG issue and this project is about US. We see the need to help our own succeed. And here is why I personally am so passionate about this.

As far as politicization goes, what I have observed for decades is how the Democrats have pandered to us and used us for their own gains. They have promised us the moon and the stars, food stamps and cell phones to get our votes, and yet we still have the highest drop out rates, the highest teen pregnancy rates, and a disproportionately low rate of college graduates in our community.

The Democrats have shamelessly politicized us and loudly advertised their so-called help to us, and yet we are no better off for it. San Antonio’s South side and West side still struggle as much as ever. Much of what I received while studying at the university level – both undergraduate and graduate – was little more than Liberal indoctrination. To me, that speaks volumes about the real results of decades of so many of us having the wool pulled over our eyes.

The Hispanic community is MY community, and I am passionate about seeing more of us really succeed. It makes no difference to me if people who have names that are not like mine have a real desire to help, too. The reason I joined the Stepping Stones cause is precisely because it is NOT simply politically motivated but actually truly concerned with the condition of our own community. En sus meras raices (at its very roots), this is support FOR us, BY us. This is a very personal investment.

So we have some friends who don’t have names like ours… So we have some friends who don’t tow the same old party line we’ve felt the pressure to support for decades… It makes us no less who we are. And if it truly allows more of us to succeed and not just be paraded out around election time, that is what really matters.

Comments (2)

  1. Tony Abad

    Each of us need to do our part in educating our family and friends to the deceitful tactics that the Democrats have implemented. The Democrats will belittle our future by telling us that we don’t have what it takes to make it on our own. We have to show them that we don’t need their “help” to build our families future.

    Our work ethic will power our dreams. We have what it takes, we will make our dreams come true. We believe in the American dream because it is our dream.

    • Guest

      Tony, the Liberals LOVE to tell minorities that the cards are forever stacked against us in America. When you look at the incredible accomplishments of people like Dr. Benjamin Carson, Gov. Susana Martinez, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Marco Rubio, and Herman Cain, it becomes obvious that success is about something that has nothing to do with race. But the Democrats have convinced many minority people that it DOES. We have to break through that.

      Thanks for reading!

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