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Rubio Stands Firm Despite Divisive Rhetoric within Republican Party

Marco Rubio 6It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and shout, but getting in the game requires courage.  Being willing to stand firm, when everyone else is collapsing, requires conviction.  Marco Rubio possesses both traits, and is proving Republicans can lead on immigration.

To the “naysayers,” where’s your plan?

The immigration reform discussion taking place in Washington, has all eyes on Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl), and those wanting to reform our nation’s immigration laws are hoping Rubio’s able to “close the deal” with both parties.

As the saying goes, “nothing happens until something gets sold,” and politically, Marco Rubio is in the process of closing the deal.  But before the deal gets closed, several obstacles must be overcome.   One of those is the opposition within the Republican Party, who claim this effort is nothing short of “amnesty.”

The other major obstacle is the fact many Democrats don’t want Republicans to have the perceived advantage with regard to “leading” on immigration.  To allow Marco Rubio to be the lead on this issue, will certainly diminish the luster of President Obama’s plan to solve the issue, which has yet to be seen.

Already, lines are being drawn and the division within both parties is overwhelmingly obvious.  Negative remarks from Republican Congressman, Lou Barletta, and now “conservative” voices like Ann Coulter, are muddying the water.  Their role is to scare Republicans and convince them of “chain migration,” “amnesty,” and the loss of America as we know it.

But, as we know from reading Rubio’s strategy, the screamers on the “right” are unfounded in their vitriol.  Triggers are in place, and language exists to ensure a secure border is part of the equation, and Rubio is on record saying he will not remove those triggers.  But, despite the many interviews he’s given, and his actual words, some still attempt to discredit him, thereby discrediting his immigration solution.

My question to them is, “what ‘s the alternative?”  Continuing to keep our head in the sand?  Act as if nothing’s wrong?  Spewing divisive rhetoric is destructive, but do they ever provide solutions…other than mass deportation?  No they don’t.

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