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Rubio Shines on Rush Limbaugh, Clarifies Immigration Reform

Rush Limbaugh, EIB Network

Rush Limbaugh, EIB Network

Today, on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Marco Rubio laid out the way forward on immigration reform.  Questioned by the most listened to Host on Conservative radio, Rubio was concise, articulating the  premise behind their bi-partisan Senate proposal.

This was a group of Democrat and Republican Senators, who have put in writing, their support for this immigration solution,” Rubio said, as he responded to Rush’s attempt to play devil’s advocate.  Limbaugh, who was uncertain about this immigration reform hoopla, said, “Well, you’re gonna have President Obama to deal with…he’s not going to support this.”  “That’s something they’re going to have to deal with themselves,” Rubio said, reiterating the proposal’s genuine bi-partisan support.

If President Obama plans on upstaging the Senator’s proposal on immigration reform, which it appears is happening now in Las Vegas, then it will be the President who will perceived as throwing a wrench in the progress on immigration reform.  It will be Obama who will be stopping progress.

With one mistake already on the “books” with Hispanics, (breaking his promise to reform immigration in his first term), Obama isn’t in position to add another negative mark with Hispanics, and Rubio knows it.

After the enlightening interview, which lasted only a few minutes, Limbaugh stated, “Now that’s someone who doesn’t need a teleprompter.  He doesn’t need notes, because he knows it…he believes it.”  Clearly, Rubio’s ability to layout the strategy, answering tough questions and relating them in terms of reality, made an impact on the skeptical Limbaugh.

I would think, from this day forward, Rubio has a friend in Rush Limbaugh.

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