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Obama Merges Middle/Lower Class with “Fiscal Cliff” Deal

President Barack Obama holds up a signature pen. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

President Barack Obama holds up a signature pen. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

When President Obama was campaigning, he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone who earned less than $250,000/year.  During this fiscal cliff debate, he negotiated and we landed on $400,000 as the breaking point on taxes.

In other words, if a person earns less than $400,000/year, their taxes supposedly would not increase.  But, to those who do earn over $400,000/year, they will see dramatic increases in their income tax.

Simplifying the message further, the “rich” are now those who earn over $400,000/year.  Everyone else falls into another class…those who earn less than $400,000/year.  The middle class has now been lumped into the lower class, joining their issues and merging their destiny.

Now, with a unified cause (all those earning under $400,000/year), the majority of the country should be open to further taxes on the “rich,” since it excludes them.  

As Rohm Emanuel said once, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

If we Republicans want to gain traction with the average American, we’ve got to do a better job of simplifying the message.  To the average American, the “fiscal cliff” means nothing.  They do not fear something they perceive has nothing to do with them.

Rather than call it a fiscal cliff, we should be talking about how people will manage to pay their bills when their rent increases.  How will they be able to afford to buy groceries when prices increase due to business owners passing on the cost of doing business?

We should be demanding a budget.  Until we can create a budget, our government is just playing games with our future.  How long will we tolerate it?  And what’s next…the debt ceiling?  Let’s get on top of this and call it what it really is…The destruction of the value of our dollar.

When our money is worthless, how can average Americans prosper?  They can’t.  If it were me, I’d call it the Democrat’s Anti-Prosperity Bill. 


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