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Republicans, Don’t get caught in the “Far Right” Trap

DREAMers rally in Arizona. Photo courtesy, Christian Science Monitor

This Blog is in response to an email I received today from the Eagle Forum, written by Phyllis Schlafly.   “Amnesty Won’t Elect Republicans,” is an attempt to call true Conservative Republicans to hold the line and not budge on the issue of Immigration.  Essentially, Schlafly suggests granting Amnesty will not win Hispanic votes, and therefore, we should not go down that path.

Here’s my reply to her in an email, which I felt was worthy of posting, so others could understand more on the issue.

“Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts and share them.  Civil Dialogue is something this nation has lost in the past several decades.

Although I agree with several points you make, it seems to me our Republican Party is not willing to grab the bull by the horns and lead on this immigration issue.  While it’s easy to stand on the American side of the line and wish all illegals would self-deport, it’s safe to assume that will not be happening.  And, unless we decide, as a nation, to go house by house, knock on doors, and check legal status, the illegal residents will not go willingly.

Now, here is where our Party gets positioned by the Democrats as the Party that hates immigrants.

Because of our frustration with government, and the depletion of federal tax dollars through the abuse of government welfare programs, we as a Party immediately respond with harsh attacks, like “deport ’em all,” or “put ’em in jail.”

Rather than actually discuss the real issue, (employers who pay them) and enforcing current laws on the books, we are now forced to do something with the overwhelming numbers of illegals.

If you came home from work, or from an evening movie, and your front door was open.  Would you just go inside, lock the doors and go to bed?  Or, would you first go through your home and make sure no one’s inside?  And, if you saw someone run out the back door, would you just assume the house was “clear?”  Of course not.  Not until each room, closet, and under each bed was checked, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

You would need the confidence of knowing there was no one in your home that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Right?

It is this same, logical approach, that we Republicans should take on immigration.  We need to know who’s here.  We need to be able to separate the criminals from those who just want to live, work, and raise a family.

Again, if we aren’t going to round-up illegals, and they’re not going to “self-deport,” then what else is there to do? 

When people write blogs about how “Amnesty Won’t Elect Republicans,” they are making the false conclusion that documenting illegals is the same as granting amnesty.  And with that, any solution which includes documentation and identification, is deemed “amnesty.”

I call it the “far-right’s” position, and one many will not budge on.

I’m not one who believes it’s ALL about immigration.  I do believe our Conservative message is a better message than that of the Democrats.  But, the Democrats have the lead because they can take our own words and use them as ammunition against us saying, “see…I told you the Republicans don’t care about immigrants,” which equates to “Republicans don’t care about Hispanics.”  And, since we know many Hispanics won’t fact-check anything, they just believe it.

I hope our Party isn’t so blinded by rage, that it misses the opportunity to embrace and empower the Hispanic community.  And, from what I know of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, it was a bi-partisan Bill, signed by President Reagan.  It addressed the entire illegal population, not like the DREAM Act or now the ACHIEVE Act, which only target a small portion of the illegals in America.

We need to get serious about immigration, and candidates don’t need to be fearful from the “far-right” just because they want to discuss the issue.  Until our Republican candidates feel comfortable about immigration, and aren’t afraid of losing support from their Republican base, we will continue to deal with the financial burdens of illegal immigration.  Immigration is an Economic issue.  Maybe that will get people talking?

Again, thank you for your passion.

When you have time, take a look at our website :  We’re an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, and working hard to make a difference.  Keep in touch, and God Bless!”

Comments (2)

  1. Gehrig Saldana

    I agree with your position for a need to pass into law, bi-partisan generated immigration reform legislation that addresses the entire illegal population that now resides in our country. Our nation’s interest will not be served by implementing immigration reform on a piecemeal (DREAM act) basis. Why is so hard for both parties to hammer out an effective comprehensive immigration reform bill that concentrates on maintaining our nation’s well-being, future, & security needs? The American public deserves elected officials who will show leadership every day they serve our nation, not just during lame duck sessions. Why should Republicans alone be blamed on this issue? Was it not Democrats who controlled the WH, and both Houses (Senate & House) of Congress from 2008 to 2010? They could have rammed whatever type of immigration reform law they wanted to during those two years just like they did with the Obama healthcare that is now law. What happened?

  2. Luis O

    Great email response to Phyllis Schlafly, Duke Hopefully your argument will get across to some of these “think tank” conservatives. I don’t get why dealing with the illegal immigration issue seems to be so taboo for so many conservatives. And like you said, this is not the only issue the GOP needs to be on top of, but they definitely cannot turn a blind eye or allow themselves to be pigeon holed by the liberals and media.

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