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The Immigration Issue and our Republican Future

Photo courtesy : John Moore / Getty Images. Arizona conservatives listen to speeches …

In my opinion, this moment is critical for the Republican Party.  It sounds cliche, but the future of this nation lies in the Party’s ability to relate to the Hispanic community.  Whether you want to admit it or not, Hispanics will play a role in the future of all elections from this point forward.

While some will say there is no such thing as a “Hispanic community,” explaining how “in America, we’re all one.  There is no color,” others sense the urgency and know it’s time for the Republican Party to get serious about immigration.

How the Party moves forward on the immigration issue depends on who will be leading the charge.  Will it be led by people who want to deport illegals and arrest them on site?  Or will a more realistic approach emerge?  Much remains to be seen, and with war in Israel, a potential White House cover-up, and a “fiscal cliff,” is anyone really thinking about Hispanics?

The video below, is a compilation from three different individuals; Shane Warner, from the Shane Warner Morning Show on Newstalk 1230, a listener of the Shane Warner Morning Show, and the third voice, is a recording of portions of my speech at the McLennan County Republican Club Thanksgiving Luncheon.

This video explains in a nutshell the problem we have in the Republican Party with regard to the issue of immigration.  It validates the fears many independent Hispanics have about the Party; saying it is comprised of people who are hateful and do not like immigrants.

Are we?  Will we continue to allow those voices to define who we are as a Party?  Ronald Regan, the greatest Conservative who ever lived, even understood the issue needed to be resolved.  Unfortunately, the strict penalties that were supposed to be enforced as part of the “amnesty,” were never adhered to, and all we did was allow U.S. business owners to continue employing illegal immigrants, increasing their profit margins.

There are plenty of people to blame, but finger pointing will not solve our problems.   Please watch this video and share it with others in this battle unfolding within the Republican Party.

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