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What Next for Santuary Cities, Voter ID, and In-State Tuition?

Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Legislature. Photo courtesy Office of Rick Perry.

Waco,TX – On November 12, 2012, Bill Whitaker of the Waco Tribune Herald, published a column addressing the Hispanic vote as it relates to the Republican Party’s tactics and platform. Whitaker repeated much of the sentiment from bloggers who have suddenly become interested in the Hispanic community since President Obama’s re-election.

He wondered if the 2012 elections would teach Republicans a lesson; would Republicans continue to drive the hard line on immigration and focus on legislative issues that divide Hispanics? Issues like Voter ID, Sanctuary cities and in-state tuition for “children of illegal immigrants.”

One interesting thing to note, is how Whitaker cleverly wrote, “children of illegal immigrants,” assuming we don’t acknowledge the difference between an undocumented parent and their undocumented child.

He talked about Senator Brian Birdwell’s “ownership” of the bill designed to end in-state tuition rates for those students who cannot prove their residence in Texas.  To clarify, the bill will not end in-state tuition rates to “children of illegal immigrants,” a misleading statement by Whitaker. Only if the child is undocumented, should they pay out-of-state tuition.

Second, the bill does not exclude the student from going to the college of their choice, but like any American student who chooses to attend a college outside of their home state, they will have to pay out-of-state tuition rates.

If an American student living in Kansas wanted to attend Texas A&M University, they will pay the appropriate rate, like everyone else.   Since an undocumented student technically cannot prove residency, they must at minimum, adhere to the same policies as other out-of-state students.

The tactics the media is using is like a preemptive strike, where they try to define our actions before we act. They want to make us feel like continuing to address issues like voter fraud, sanctuary cities and in-state tuition will definitely cause us to lose the Hispanic vote.

But they are all wrong.

To the Hispanic voter, the American citizen, protecting the sanctity of our vote transcends all boundaries. We all want to know our vote is worth something, not something to be taken lightly or corrupted. We want to know our community is safe and free from undocumented criminals hiding out in our neighborhoods.   Safety is on all our minds, and when illegal immigrants kill Americans in drunk driving accidents, or home invasions, we must take the issue of personal safety seriously.

This isn’t a game, these are people’s lives, and government’s responsibility is to protect the citizenry from harm. To knowingly create an environment where cities harbor illegal immigrants, although liberal lawmakers feel they’re “”helping,” is putting people directly in harm’s way.

Under the cover of “sanctuary cities,” criminal elements move in and take over. What started as a way to allow illegal immigrants to bring their grievances forward and charge others with crimes against them, has turned into a free-for-all, and the safety of the community has been jeopardized.

Rather than complain about the Republicans who are trying to secure the community, Democrats should join the effort initiated by Republicans and protect the American people first. What’s more important to them? The safety and well being of American citizens? Or the wishes of the undocumented?

The Republican Party should definitely be working toward an immigration solution rather than continuing to avoid it. One thing Republicans did realize is whatever message was being delivered was falling on deaf ears. There is a way through the Hispanic issues we face, but we must be honest and sincere with our approach. Hispanics are not fooled easily. Many, unfortunately, get their news from liberal media, like CNN, Telemundo, Univision and MSNBC, and are overwhelmed with propaganda.

Hispanics just want to know the truth. We want our elected officials to stand with us on issues important to us. We want to know our communities are safe, and our schools are teaching our children the best they can. We don’t want to be lied to, and if you’re going to do something that affects us, we want to have a voice in how  our future unfolds Treat us with respect, and the rest will fall in place.

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