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Hispanic Republicans Publish “Top 3 Issues”

As we’ve all heard, Hispanic issues are hot, and on everyone’s list of things to discuss.  Rather than allow others to define what we Hispanic Republicans want to discuss, or what we should discuss, it would be best if we unified around some common messaging though creative graphics and content.

1. Education (School Choice)

2. Immigration (Documentation Plan)

3. High Paying Jobs (Training / Workforce)


I’ve been speaking with Hispanic Republicans from different parts of Texas as well as others across the country.  The Top 3 Issues listed in this graphic seem to be acceptable to most Hispanic Republicans I run into.  Another issue mentioned, but seemed a bit overwhelming, was the issue of our rapidly depleting Social Security program.

Many Hispanics liked the notion of being able to control where their Social Security funds were going, and felt the current system is not only inadequate, but will not be there for them when they retire.

What can we do with a common message and a unified Hispanic “front?”  We’ll see.  Expect to see more graphics, blogs and content of Hispanics for Hispanics.  If you agree , take this message and distribute, share, or do whatever you can to put this message out on the web.

Personally, I will be adding it to Facebook, to my facebook header, to GOPisForMe page, to Google+, Twitter, and the GOPisForMe website.

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