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Opening Dialogue on Immigration within the Republican Party

Duke Machado talks Immigration on the Shane Warner Morning Show

Today on the Shane Warner Morning Show, on Newstalk 1230, the Talk of Waco, GOPisForMe Founder, Duke Machado, spoke with Shane about the immigration dialoguecurrently existing within the Republican Party.

As the founder of an organization that is also an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, Machado expressed the urgent need to accept the reality of illegal immigration, saying, “since we know we can’t just deport everyone and they’re not going to self-deport, we as a Party need to be concerned with the security of this nation and begin to document those living here illegally.”

Although Machado is speaking on a topic many are uncomfortable with, he feels the reason President Obama won such a high percentage of the Hispanic vote was because Obama spoke to their needs.  Machado realizes his views are not popular among the far right, who feel any leniency with regard to illegal immigration is a sacrifice of principle, and understands this is a difficult issue to address.

Shane Warner ended the 10 minute guest appearance with this question, “So, what you’re saying is, if Republicans want to gain the support of the Hispanic community, they must be willing to acknowledge and address immigration?”  “Yes,” Machado responded, “We can’t continue to avoid the issue of immigration and expect the Hispanic community to think we’re truly concerned with their issues.  We’re creating the perception that it’s not important enough…that we don’t care.”

You can listen to the interview below.

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