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Time for a GOP National Strategy to Reach Hispanics?

Photo courtesy of CNN

Did we go wrong?  Everyone’s asking how this could have happened, baffled at how Obama was re-elected.  Last night I went to bed thinking of all the Republicans here in Texas who spent countless hours on phones, walking blocks and doing all they could to keep Texas red.  Hundreds even traveled to Ohio and other battleground states to contribute to the effort to remove Obama.

As the numbers began to come in, and it was close, my first thought was “Obama’s gonna win.”  It was difficult for me to accept there were more Americans who wanted to keep Obama, with his high unemployment rates, his attacks on the Catholic church, fast and furious, and his mishandling of Benghazi.  It seemed like people would rise up on election day, and we would be finished with the Obama administration.  Surely the American people felt like me…

I kept thinking about the Obama Phone, Obama Care, and the welfare system, and how under Obama, the government “safety net” has become a payroll system for Democrats.  They’ve changed the mindset of “I own” to “I’m owed,”  what analysts call the welfare society; those living on hand-outs, choosing to stay home than to work.

On Fox News, a Democratic Strategist said the reason Obama won was because he knew his voters and knew how to mobilize them.  She’s right.  He did know his voters, and you can bet his team knew exactly where he needed to target, and which message he was to deliver.

When nearly 50% of Americans are on some sort of “assistance,” and heavily populated regions tend to have more people in dire circumstances, the Obama campaign sees votes.  All they had to do was promise them they would continue to receive their benefits, and would be receiving more shortly…after he was re-elected.

It didn’t matter that four Americans were killed in Benghazi, and requests for support were rejected.  It didn’t matter that gas prices are higher than before he was in office.  People don’t care about anyone’s problems when they’re having problems of their own.   Obama convinced them he would ensure they could keep their Union pensions, and would not be kicked off medicare.

Again, he knew his voters, and he knew what they needed to hear.

But the down trodden weren’t the only ones targeted.  He went after the same groups as before…the gay community, young people, and the socially liberal.   Watching the Chicago footage of the crowds at Obama’s Victory H.Q., it looked as though he had successfully brought them out again.  The impromptu Jay-Z remix of “99 Problems but a Mitt ain’t one” must have sealed the deal, propelling both into legendary status.

However he won, he won.  I’ve always felt the battle between Democrats and Republicans was much like the advice you always hear, “Never take a knife to a gunfight.”  The way I see it, we Republicans, although we have plenty of guns, choose to take a knife to a gunfight.  Because we’re so concerned with not offending someone, or upsetting the Christian Conservatives, we many times try to stay above the fray, thinking we’re maintaining integrity.

But in reality, the American people are not as sensitive as we were in the 1950’s.  Today, you can see half naked women broadcasting the weather on Univision and sex scenes on prime-time.  Kids know more these days than we can imagine, and schools teach “diversity” starting in Kindergarten.

Another saying comes to mind, “Nice guys finish last.”  It’s not always true, but in my opinion, in a world where humans fight in cages for sport, the average person expects to see blood.  They want to see a fight, with one on top of the other, pummeling their opponent.

Unfortunately, they are the most uninformed.  We Republicans think because we have a Conservative message, and we believe in God, it’s enough to save the country.  But as we discovered last night, it’s not enough.

I heard the experts talking , “with large population increases in the Hispanic community, one wonders how much of an impact they made in Obama’s victory?”  In Texas, we already know what’s coming with regard to Hispanic population.  But nationally, in my opinion, the Republican Party does not sense the urgency, and therefore, does not invest the time, energy and resources required to truly gain support from the Hispanic community.

It’s great that in Texas, we have the “Texas Solution,” as a foundation to address immigration.  But what about the battleground states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa?  They need an aggressive strategy to change the perception of the Party in the minds of Hispanics in their states.  Obviously, Hispanics are making a difference.  It is time for the Republican Party to make a National Stand and accept the immense challenge of connecting with the Hispanic community.

No one wants to think about how difficult a task this is, but if we Republicans expect to play a role in future politics, we need to consider more aggressive plans to target specific regions in battleground states.  Maybe the re-election of Barack Obama is our wake-up call?



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