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The Most Crucial Items You Need For Election Day


Dear Texas Republican,

We offer our heartfelt thanks to each and every volunteer who joined the Texas Trailblazers to help with the third and final weekend of statewide blockwalking and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts for tomorrow’s election. So much effort has already been given to this cause, but the results will be very much worth it tomorrow night.

It is time to dig deep. With only scant hours remaining until the polls open tomorrow morning, there are thousands and thousands of Texas Republicans who still haven’t cast their ballots – so we must not let up! Until the last polls close tomorrow night, we must continue to get every last voter motivated and out to cast their ballots.

Click here for a list of Victory Centers & Volunteer Opportunities

Your help over these last hours is crucial to our success and there are still opportunities for you to help us achieve victory, but there are some crucial items that Republicans need for election night – your vote, your time and your talents.

First and foremost, if you have not yet cast your ballot – please VOTE and remember to vote straight ticket Republican. Remember, if you are voting electronically, the list of your candidate choices will come up on the screen before you finally cast your ballot. Be sure to check this list carefully, even if you are voting Straight Republican Party. If the list of candidate choices is not accurate, do not cast your ballot. Instead, notify the Election Judge immediately. Do not leave the polling location until you have been able cast an accurate ballot.

Secondly, please encourage all of your neighbors and family members who have not voted to come with you to vote Republican! As an added bonus, you’ll have a good crowd of company in case there is a line at your local polling location! Early Voting locations across Texas saw huge turnout and some long lines during high traffic voting hours over the past two weeks, so be prepared! If you need to look up where you will go to vote in your precinct on Election Day, the Texas Secretary of State has provided a helpful online site with that information.

Finally, if at all possible – we need you to step up and join in the efforts tonight and tomorrow to participate in the final push. There are five Victory Centers across the state where volunteers are keeping the phone lines alive with GOTV phone calls, and your local Republican State Senate or State House races can easily use your help for an even an hour or two of your time. And if you can’t make it out to one of our Victory Centers or you do not have a competitive local race – you can participate in our Victory Call From Home program and help out all day on Tuesday.

Click here to participate in the Call From Home Program.

As we reminded you on Friday, the RPT has established an Election Day Hotline for Texas voters to report any problems they encounter exercising their rights at the polling place. That telephone number is 254-300-VOTE (254-300-8683). If you have any questions or concerns, before, during, or after your time at the polls – feel free to call the hotline. You can even send a text message to the same number at 254-300-VOTE, or you can email our volunteer staff all day by using the following address:

This is your last chance to be a part of a very big night – not just for Republicans, but for Texas and for America. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! We stand on the verge of taking back our country, but we can’t be successful without your participation. Join with us tomorrow and help make the final push to victory!




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