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Deferred Action, Fact or Fiction?

Garry Davis (center), meets with locals in Corsicana to discuss Deferred Action policy.

Deferred Action, a term thrown around in immigration circles across the nation over the past few months, is a pipe dream enthralling the attention of many Hispanics throughout our country.  Rightly so, it gives the idea that those who have illegally immigrated to this land have a shot at the American Dream.   A successful completion of this application will grant the individual: a worker’s permit, driver’s license and a social security number.  Sounds great right?

What they don’t tell you is that this presidential action is not a law;  not something passed by congress.   So, what does that mean for those reaching for this Dream Act?  It means the effort and hard work to get this permit can be easily stripped away and never seen again, which will likely be the case.  So, how does this help the Hispanic community? Really, it doesn’t.

This past week the Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County held a round table discussion group for those who had questions about this program and about immigration in general.  They were able to sit down with immigration attorney, Garry Davis (from GOPisforMe’s Trusted Attorney Network), and receive his council and opinions.  Davis was asked some tough questions about this issue and he didn’t hold back.   There is no question in his mind, that prior to submitting the paper work, individuals need to evaluate the risk.  In fact, his law firm Davis & Associates in Dallas, requires the individual sign a form containing all of the projected risks of this program.

Why does Garry Davis require this? Because the Deferred Action program does not, and will not provide a permanent solution to legal citizenship.  This is a program based on false HOPE (sound familiar?).   I say false hope because what happens after two years?  The person who goes through and is approved for this program, will at that time have all they obtained stripped from them.  After two years, they return to an illegal status.  The only difference… this time they are traceable.

They have submitted residential information and finger prints to the federal government to know who and where they are. Why is this program an issue?  Well, under an administration that has the highest deportation rate in US history and has worked at full immigration capacity, they now know where the immigrants are.  What does it mean for those who cannot apply, such as parents and grandparents?  Those who do not meet the 15-31 year old age limit?  Are they too, now at risk? Consider if those in the program are sought out, those with them would be subject to providing documentation also.

Documentation that they don’t have because they didn’t qualify! This program could deliver the biggest blow to the Hispanic community in history. Garry, in our meeting, also pointed out that many times those who qualify for this program are in many cases better off applying for full citizenship, rather than wasting their time on a two year tease.

Those who joined us to ask questions and express concern are appreciated! Their concerns and fears are truly warranted. The Deferred Action program is nothing more than a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches.  We need to look past temporary solutions and find permanent remedies to our already broken immigration system.  This program is nothing short of harmful to the Hispanic community.  It takes the American Dream and turns it into a nightmare.  We want real help and real citizenship!

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