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GOPisForMe Candidate Spotlight : Alex Torres : TX-House District 38

This interview with Alex Torres almost didn’t happen.  For weeks, we’ve been trying to get our schedules in order to meet in person, but things just didn’t work out.  Thanks to the power of the internet, and Blogtalk Radio, we were finally able to visit with Republican Candidate, Alex Torres.

I was driving back from a meeting in Austin, with only my cell phone to host the show.  No laptop, and no WI-fi stick.  I was at the mercy of my signal strength...not a good position to be in, driving down the highway between Austin and Temple.

The show was to begin in 3 minutes, and I still didn’t have signal.  I called in, and started the show with my phone, but didn’t have access to the studio switchboard, to activate Alex’s phone to conduct the interview.

“One minute till show starts,” said the British accented BlogtalkRadio voice…letting me know I was almost out of time.  Exiting the highway in Temple, I finally got a 4G signal and the switchboard opened up.

OK Alex…are you there?” I asked, hoping he was still on.

He held on, and dealt with my 3 minute “Technical Difficulty,” and the interview began.

This is the edited version, with only the beginning portion removed.  We talked about everything from immigration to education. We talked about jobs, and details of how he would help to position the district to secure new business partnerships.

I learned a lot talking to Alex Torres.  One thing for sure, is he’s passionate about representing the people of Texas House District 38.  He wasn’t afraid to say what needed to be said, and held nothing back.  He’s honest, and believes in a better future for his district, in the heart of the Rio Grand Valley.

Again, we have a strong Hispanic Republican candidate…poised to win.  He’s been putting in the work, and has received several endorsements from Conservative groups like the Hispanic Republicans of Texas (HRT) and the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART).

With an ear to the ground, and his finger on the pulse, Alex Torres is in position to make a change in leadership in South Texas.  He needs your support.  Visit his website, volunteer or donate to his campaign.

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