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Step Out and Vote Republican : Joel De Los Santos, TX House District 39.

Joel De Los Santos with Texas Senate Candidate, Ted Cruz

Although the Texas House District 39 race between Republican Candidate Joel De Los Santos, and (D) Rep. Armando “Mando” Martinez,isn’t as popular as the Ted Cruz race, it is definitely a key component in the battle for our future.

In speeches across Texas, Ted Cruz draws our attention to the crisis we face and the fiscal cliff ahead. He talks about the need to lower taxes, create jobs and provide a secure border. One thing’s for sure, Ted Cruz has had his ear to the ground for several years, and he’s in “tune” with the wishes of Texans.

Of course, when Ted talks, he’s coming from a Federal Government perspective. What about the local legislators? What role will they play in this infinite battle to preserve liberty? What issues are on the table for the next session? Will we face another budget shortfall? Will we uphold Voter-ID, and get stronger on preventing illegal immigration? What about education?

It is obvious we need people willing to dedicate their lives to resolving these issues. People like Ted Cruz…and Joel De Los Santos. Character, Honesty, Integrity…all come standard with Joel and Ted Cruz. The heart of a fighter is required in order to accomplish anything in politics, and De Los Santos has the heart to properly represent the people.

November 6th is coming soon. If you’re a resident of the cities of Donna, Mercedes, Progreso, Weslaco, Alamo and San Juan, then Joel needs your vote. If you’re tired of “politics as usual,” then it’s time for a change.

Step out, and Vote Republican. Make a real difference in your community and pave the way for future generations. Vote for Joel De Los Santos, TX House District 39.

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