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Republican VS Democrat Flyer in Action

The Republican Party of Texas created a flyer that distinguishes the major differences between the two Party platforms. This video was taken at the Heart of Texas County Fair, at the McLennan County Republican Party’s booth.

It shows you just how effective they can be…all it takes is the effort to put them in the hands of the Hispanic community.

Please take note of how shocked he was when he read the first line…”Same Sex Marriage.”  He actually looked surprised to know the Democrat Party was FOR it and Republicans were AGAINST it.

Next, he read “Gun Control,” and stated that “these need to be switched around,”  again floored that the Democrats did not stand with his values.

He continued reading, and when he was done, he said,”Well, I guess I’m a Republican.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you,” I replied, and hi-five’d him.  He took the flyer and I handed him another to take to a friend or family member, challenging him to have them take the “test.”

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