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Miriam Martinez : “We don’t go looking for a fight. But we don’t run away from one, either.”

Miriam Martinez, Republican Candidate, TX House District 41

Press Release provided by Miriam Martinez

Term limits for McAllen mayor, city commissioners would reduce political corruption, give voters more choices, says legislative nominee Miriam Martínez

“Local politicians who want to stay on the McAllen City Commission for more than eight years can become corrupted by the power,” says Miriam Martínez, the Republican nominee for State Representative, House District 41, which includes the majority of McAllen.

“Alhough McAllen has had outstanding mayors and city commissioners who have served more than eight years, the time has come to change the city’s political system because it can easily lead to corruption,” Martínez said on Monday, September 24, as the McAllen City Commission considered the issue of term limits.

According to Wikipedia, a term limit is a legal restricting that limits the number of terms an
officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. They act as a method to curb the potential for monopoly.

“Terms limits would give voters more choices and bring new ideas that benefit all of us. For those and other important reasons, I am strongly supporting efforts by the McAllen Police Association, which wants local voters to have the right to vote on requiring term limits for the McAllen mayor and McAllen city commissioners,” added Martínez, a small business owner and renowned international journalist.

The McAllen Police Association wants to prevent the McAllen mayor and city commissioners from serving more than two terms, which total eight years.

Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are among cities nationwide that have term limits for their mayor and/or city commissioners. At the national level, the President of the United States can serve no more than two terms or eight years.

The issue of term limits, and the efforts by the McAllen Police Association, have received strong opposition from city politicians, including Commissioner Marcus Barrera, who is a strong political ally of Bobby Guerra.

Guerra is challenging Martínez in the November 6 general election for State Representative, House District 41.

“It’s disappointing that Marcus Barrera, who was the keynote speaker for Bobby Guerra’s
campaign kick-off, has no shame attacking our local police, who want the people to have the right to vote on such an important issue,” said Martínez. “But what is really shameful is that Bobby Guerra stays quiet while his political crony and fellow lawyer Marcus Barrera tries to take away the people’s right to vote.

Martínez said she would set the example for the local mayor and city commissioners.
“If elected and reelected, I would not remain state representative for more than two terms, which amounts to four years,” she said. “If I believe I am doing a good job as state representative, then I would seek higher office after two terms.”

Martínez said in addition to supporting term limits for the McAllen mayor and McAllen city
commissioners, she strongly supports law enforcement and public safety professionals. “Whether it is police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, or any professional who puts his or her life on the line to protect the people, I will always proudly stand with them when they need my help,” Martínez said. “Bobby Guerra is the tool of big government. That is one of the reasons he will always support higher taxes and oppose working families.”

For her part, Martínez said “Unlike Bobby Guerra, I will always support working families, and I oppose raising the state sales tax, oppose expanding the state sales tax, and oppose a state personal income tax.”

If elected state representative in November, Martínez said she would work with all constituents on legislation and state policies that benefit House District 41.

“I know what the McAllen police officers are going through, facing threats and intimidation from powerful politicians like Marcus Barrera while being betrayed by Bobby Guerra,” Martínez said.  “I’m just like our brave police officers and the courageous people of House District 41. We don’t go looking for a fight. But we don’t run away from one, either.”

Miriam Martínez for State Representative, House District 41 • Miriam Martínez,
Treasurer • 135 Paseo Del Prado Ave., Ste 16, Edinburg TX • Phone: 956/631-1515

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  1. Dr. Pena

    I completely agree that transparency is a necessary element in any political election, yet I have serious doubts that Miriam Martinez is the most qualified person to be our voice in congress. She lacks the experience an qualifications for the job. Her self proclaimed “popularity” in the valley and particularly among Spanish speaking individuals hardly makes her an ideal candidate.

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