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Are you a Republican and Don’t know it?

I am proud to publish this graphic, an idea that I first saw being used in Navarro County.  It has been slightly modified from the original, to include stronger messaging and clearer distinctions between the Party’s position on Major issues.

It has made its way to the Republican Party of Texas, and is now available for mass distribution.

Frank Steed, Republican County Chairman and newly elected State Republican Executive Committeeman in TX Senate District 22, has been working on this project and using it effectively to replace entrenched Democratic officials in Navarro County.

This grass-roots tool was created with the activist in mind…for Republicans to pass out, showing the real differences between the Democrat and Republican Parties.  It is a great way to start a conversation, and a quick, at-a-glance mechanism for Hispanics to use to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

We were honored to have played a small role, and thank Frank for reaching out and getting our ideas. Many were involved, including Tom Mechler, Party Treasurer, Rep. Aaron Pena, in Hidalgo County, as did many others.  Sharing what we know and providing insight to an already effective program, we are excited to watch these work for betterment of the Party.  Please contact Frank Steed if you need some for your county.



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