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Candidate Resource Committee Raises over $100K for 78 GOP Candidates

Candidate Resource Committee Raises over $100K for 78 GOP Candidates
Thanks to CRC Chairwoman Jane Cansino and her committee members!

The Republican Party Texas would like to thank Jane Cansino, State Republican Executive Committee Member from Senate District 28, for her dedicated leadership as Chairwoman of the RPT’s Candidate Resources Committee. Cansino and the other members of the CRC worked many long hours raising funds, reviewing funding applications, and making presentations across Texas to prospective contributors, auxiliary clubs and party meetings.

In 2012, the RPT Candidate Resources Committee has contributed $100,100 to Republican candidates in 53 counties, across 14 Senatorial Districts.

In races from Justice of the Peace and County Clerk, to County Commissioner and County Judge – the CRC has helped 78 of our down-ballot candidates with financial contributions to help our nominees achieve victory this November!

Our thanks again to CRC Chairwoman Jane Cansino, SREC members John Cook,Valoree Swanson, Becky Berger, Ben Zeller, Marian Stanko, and Rena Peden, and non-SREC members Harold Jenkins, Steve Atwell, Paul Bettencourt, Rosemary Edwards, Scott Gailee, Steve Findley, Johnnie B. Rogers, Jean Killgore, and Fred Tate. We greatly appreciate all of you for your hard work and efforts!
The candidates that received funds are as follows:

Jack Marr, District Judge-214th, District Court of Calhoun, Dewitt, Goliad, Jackson, Refugio, and Victoria Counties
Eddie Northcutt, District Judge, 8th Judicial District, Hopkins, Rains, Delta, and Franklin County
Will Ramsay, District Attorney, 8th Judicial District, Delta, Hopkins and Franklin Counties
Robert Stovall, Tax Assessor-Collector, Bexar County
Joe Ortiz, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Bexar County
Susan Pamerleau,Sheriff, Bexar County
Benny Allison, Sheriff and Tac Assessor-Collector, Borden County
Douglas Day, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Bosque County
Sammy Leach, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Bosque County
Bruce Blevins, Constable, Pct.3, Calhoun County
Jerry Allen, Sheriff, Collingsworth County
Robert Walters, Sheriff, Crosby County
Charles Lingerfelt, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Dallas County
Toby Brazee, Sheriff, Dickens County
Jerry Magness, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Fannin County
Jason McBroom, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Fayette County
Bruce Fleming, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Fort Bend County
Henry Trochesset, Sheriff, Galveston County
Kirby Brumby, Sheriff, Goliad County
Michelle Garcia, Tax Assessor-Collector, Goliad County
Chris Call, County Commissioner, Pct.1 Hardeman County
Kevin Holland, Sheriff, Hardeman County
Billy Wayne Hester, County Commissioner, Pct.1 Haskell County
Rickey Lawrence, Sheriff, Pct.1 Haskell County
Wade Bartley, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Hopkins County
William Allan, Constable, Pct.2, Hopkins County
Ralph Nichols, Sheriff, Jasper County
Greg Pinkston, County Commissioner, Pct.4, Jones County
Kenneth Schoen, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Kaufman County
Lawrence Malone, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Lamar County
Madaline Chance, Constable, Pct.1, Lamar County
William “Bill” Mills, Sheriff, Pct.1, Lamar County
Troy Baxter, Sheriff, Lamar County
Micah Harmon, Sheriff, Lavaca County
Eddie Lowery, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Liberty County
Ysidro Gutierrez, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Lubbock County
Ricky Wallace, Constable, Pct.1 Lubbock County
Ginger Womack, Tax Assessor-Collector, Marion County
Brian E. Smith, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Marion County
John Youngblood, 20th Court District Judge, Milam County
Donna Orsag, County Treasurer, Milam County
Will Jones, County Commissioner, Pct.3, McLennan County
Sylvia Clanton, Tax Assessor-Collector, Mitchell County
Jason Grant, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Navarro County
Janice Stoner, Justice of the Peace, Place 1-2, Nueces County
James Sales, District Attorney, Nueces County
Jim Kaelin,Sheriff, Nueces County
Judge David Stith, Judge, Nueces County
Jack Pulcher, 214th District Judge, Nueces County
Missy Medary,347th District Court Judge, Nueces County
Amanda Torres, Justice of the Peace, Pct.1, Nueces County
Jo’Shae Ferguson-Worley, County Attorney, Terry County
Larry Gilbreath, Sheriff, Terry County
Albert Riddle, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Titus County
Dana Applewhite, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Titus County
David Jones, Sheriff, Tom Green County
Ralph E. Hoelscher, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Tom Green County
Vik Vad, Tax Assessor-Collector, Travis County
Mark Cole, Constable, Pct.3, Trinity County
Woody Wallace, Sheriff, Trinity County
Carl Casey, Constable, Pct.3, Trinity County
Gerald Yezak, Sheriff, Robertson County
Kelly Selmer, Tax Assessor-Collector, San Jacinto County
Emmett “Ray” McCoppin, Commissioner, Pct.1, San Jacinto County
Sam Houston, Constable, Pct.3, San Jacinto County
Wade Runnels, Constable, Pct.4, San Jacinto County
Kaycee Jones, 411th Judicial District Judge, San Jacinto County
Trey Wilson, Sheriff, Scurry County
Terry Williams, County Commissioner, Pct.1 Scurry County
David Rowe, Sheriff, Val Verde County
Kathy Haigler, County Commissioner, Val Verde County
Lon Gillespie, County Commissioner, Pct.3, Val Verde County
Jerry Hulcy, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Val Verde County
Tony Mallette, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Victoria County
David Garcia, Constable, Pct.1, Victoria County
James Willet, County Commissioner, Pct.1, Walker County
Michael Countz, Justice of the Peace, Pct.2, Place 1- Walker County
Chad Clark, Constable, Pct.2, Wilson County

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