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Tejano Democrats Will Say Anything to Scare Hispanics

Flyer distributed by Tejano Democrats showing what “Republicans Believe”

In Texas, Hispanics are targeted by their fellow Tejano Democrats, who spew lies and misrepresentations of the truth, like their lives depend on it.

This flyer, produced in conjunction with multiple liberal organizations, is being used to “convince” Hispanics the Republican Party does not have their best interest in mind.

Using the typical talking points of the Democrat Party, they mingle half-truths with blatant lies, giving the impression, “if so many organizations are behind this, then it must be true.”

Before we get to the false statements perpetuated by the Tejano Democrats, I ask you to focus on our Statue of Liberty.  At first glance, she looks normal, but upon closer examination, one notices she’s holding the torch in the wrong hand.  To most Americans who have pride in this country, we know she holds the torch in her right hand.  In my opinion, this symbol is no different than hanging the U.S. flag upside down.  Was it an accident?  I doubt it.

Now, let’s get into the propaganda promoted by the desperate Democrats.

Medicare should be eliminated

The first point made is that Republicans want to eliminate medicare, which couldn’t be further from the truth, but when dealing with groups like the Tejano Democrats, it’s obvious the truth doesn’t matter.  Broad, general statements, with no evidence is par for the course in the Democratic world, and this scare tactic is aimed directly at the elderly voters, many of which depend on medicare for their survival.

The fact is, President Obama is the one who has cut Medicare.  His 700 Billion dollar reduction in medicare will definitely affect Americans of all races…not just Hispanics.  But, they don’t want you to know that do they?

Brown people need an ID to vote

In the 1970’s, organizations like Raza Unida and the Brown Beret’s, marched in the streets to protest police brutality.  Many of those individuals gained power through race tinged rhetoric, using their “brownness” to raise money, gain exposure, and draw attention to their “cause.”

But as my mother, a former Raza Unida member said, “They’ve all lost their way.”  You see, what began as a movement to end discrimination toward Hispanics, has evolved into a mindset of control and domination of the Hispanic community.  These organizations are pawns for the Liberal movement, now embedded in the Democrat Party.  They continue to use the strong arm tactics of the 70’s, continuing to instill fear into the Hispanic community because it is the only weapon they have.

Rather than educate the people on the issues, they prefer to tell them what to think, as evidenced by the flyer shown above.

You should pay more in taxes while the rich pay less

Still stuck in the 70’s, Tejano Democrats and their friends use class warfare as a standard tool to divide the community.  They assume Hispanics are poor, and will feel sorry for themselves and their poorness.  Rather than encourage Hispanics to succeed and achieve wealth, they destroy the image of success, trapping the community in a mindset of poverty, where being “rich” is bad.

It’s no wonder the Hispanic community is in trouble.  With the highest drop-out rates and teen-pregnancy rates, the community is heading toward disaster, but no, these people continue trying to convince Hispanics it is the Republican Party that is against them.

The fact is, under President Obama, Hispanics have been hurt the most.  More Hispanics are unemployed than ever before, but that is not convenient to put on their propaganda.  So, they advance the idea that wealthy Republicans are keeping the brown man down, which tells me they have run out of ideas, and can’t stand on the record of their president’s dismal economy.

There is “consensual rape”

Leave it to the Party of no morals…the one who tried to remove God from their Party’s platform, to use this statement as a way to identify the entire Republican Party.  I don’t even know where to begin to discuss this because it is an outright lie.  But as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter whether Democrats tell the truth or not.  All that matters is they accomplish their task of demonizing the Republican Party. 

No Republican believes rape is consensual.  For Tejano Democrats to use this, and for their collaborative partners to allow this, tells me one thing; they think women are stupid.  They think women will read this statement and assume it must be right.   How sad for them to prey on women, attempting to scare them into thinking Republicans are hoping they will consent to being raped.  It’s not only absurd, but shameful.  If I were a Democrat, I’d be furious that my Party was stooping to such depths.

I guess the saying is true, “desperate times require desperate measures, ” and based on this flyer being used by Tejano Democrats, they must be desperate to win re-election.

While they try to scare Hispanics into remaining loyal the Democrat Party, I would just remind them, 24 million people in America still don’t have jobs.  Hispanics have been hit hardest by unemployment, and President Obama has cut medicare by over 700 Billion dollars. 

Who’s really hurting Hispanics?

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