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Obama’s Arab Spring Backfires

Muslim Extremists burn American Flag in Benghazi, Lybia. Photo: Mohammad Hannon/Associated Press

In mid 2011, President Obama toured the Middle East, meeting with Muslim leaders in a show of supposed solidarity. In an era of expected peace through his new approach, President Obama’s foreign policy, has not made the Muslim extremists relinquish their hatred for America. Today, widespread violence toward the United States across the Middle East has escalated, and we are living in more dangerous times.

In 2009, the President mentioned in a speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt, ” I’m proud to carry with me, the good will of the American people.” He was there to “Seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.” Yet, despite his hopeful enthusiasm, those Muslim nations he sought to befriend, want nothing to do with the United States.

After Obama claimed he could repair the damage done by Republicans, all he’s managed to do is create more tension through his inaction. Americans are targeted by extremists who can smell the blood in the water. With no inhibitions, and essentially no restrictions, Muslim extremists have free reign to do as they please with regard to violence toward Americans, as witnessed by millions of people around the world.

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Like a pack of hyenas, they sensed weakness, and gathered in numbers to show force.

Is this what President Obama had in mind when he encouraged the Arab Spring? Total chaos?

When we think about how the Obama Administration reacted, or failed to react, it is obvious Obama was surprised with the level of violence and continued hatred directed toward Americans. It’s fair to say he’s probably wondering, “How can this be? I went to their country, bowed before their leaders, and apologized for America’s wrong doings.”

Well Mr. President, it didn’t work. Now what?

We Veterans, Conservatives, hard-working Americans knew it wouldn’t work, and as we watch the television, we reflect on the President’s previous statements and how naive they sounded then. Today, we have proof the decision to play “nice” got us no where. Instead, four Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, and their mutilated bodies drug through the streets.

We wanted an immediate and harsh reaction from our President, but we didn’t get it. It took fifteen hours for Obama to give a reaction, and during that time, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney had already made his statement, giving the American people what we wanted, a hardline approach to dealing with the extremists killing our people.

Instead of criticizing our President for his delayed reaction, the media focused on Romney’s response, saying he “jumped the gun,” insinuating he misspoke about the situation. Yet, as the Obama Administration floundered, retracting statements and getting their story straight, Romney held his ground, ultimately validated in his remarks.

One Sunday news program brought up the scenario created by Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic Primary, where she stated, “Who do you want to answer the call at 3 AM?” We now know, President Obama either wasn’t willing to answer the call, or was unable to respond to the call, proving he doesn’t have what it takes to lead in a crisis situation.

With the election only seven weeks away, and this President’s policies failing across the board, one wonders if his lack of response was motivated by the need to win swing states like Michigan, which have heavy Muslim populations. Did he hold back and play politics in order to save himself in November? If he had come out strong against the Muslim extremists, how would Muslims in Michigan have felt? Would he have lost their confidence and support?

Many are asking when the violence will come to an end…if ever, and it seems as though Obama will go down in history as the man who created the political environment for Muslims to feel confident enough launch their full attack on America.

This scenario reminds me of the movie “2016, Obama’s America” by Dinesh DeSousa, in which the “Colonial” nations like the United States and Great Britain are brought down by a concerted effort and global initiative of the anti-colonialists. It may sound unlikely at first, but is this what Obama meant by supporting the Arab Spring? Are we looking at the results of a game plan designed by people like Bill Aires, Saul Alinsky, and implanted by his father, Barak Obama Sr.?

I certainly don’t feel safer than I did four years ago. I am not financially better off than I was four years ago, and this country is definitely not better off than it was four years ago. So, when you hear the chant “four more years….four more years….four more years,” just think about this; there are more people on welfare than ever before, 24 million Americans are still unemployed, and Jihadists around the world are emboldened by the weakness shown by President Obama.

Great scripts and tele-prompters can’t hide the glaring and daunting reality facing this nation, and Obama is the man that put us on this track. In my opinion, if we expect things to change, we must change leadership…end of story.

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