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Danny Volcik, McLennan County Treasurer Makes Plea to Fellow Republicans

Danny Volcik, McLennan County Treasurer. (Photo courtesy KWTX)

“I, Danny Volcik, am supporting Staci Stone, a Republican, as my replacement for County Treasurer,” stated Volcik in an email sent to GOPisForMe on Wednesday evening.  With just two business days to get the message out, Volcik has sent emails to the Women’s Republican Club and anyone who can help sound the alarm, “Don’t be a victim to Lester Gibson appointing a Democrat to the seat won by a Republican.”

Elected in 2010, Volcik has announced recently he will be resigning his duty as County Treasurer due to health concerns.  Since his replacement will be determined by the decision of the McLennan County Commissioners, Volcik is urging fellow Republicans to contact the Republican Commissioners and ask them to cast their vote and support for his nominee, Staci Stone, the current McLennan County Chief Auditor.

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Volcik defeated the Democratic incumbent, Bill Helton, in the last election, and is concerned, if left to Commissioner Lester Gibson, Helton will be reinstated as County Treasurer.

Staci Stone, McLennan County Chief Auditor

With three Republican Commissioners, assuming each holds the line and casts their vote for Volcik’s Republican recommendation, the next Treasurer will be Staci Stone.  But, to ensure there are enough votes to keep the Republican seat, Volcik requests Jim Lewis, outgoing Republican Judge, “be added to the list (of elected officials called) because his vote on the court is very important since he is a Republican.”

According to Volcik, the Commissioners will vote on this issue on Monday, September 17, 2012.  The McLennan County Republican Women’s Club has also distributed emails informing their members of this urgent issue, calling on Republicans to contact Commissioners :

Kelly Snell (R), Precinct 1: (254) 757-5061
Voting Precincts 3,8,13,15,16,21,24,25,26,28,29,31,43,49,50,56,57,59,60,74,75,76,77,90

Lester Gibson (D), Precinct 2: (254) 757-5062
Voting Precincts 1,2,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,14,18,20,22,27,39,69,70,71,72,73,85,86,89,92

Joe Mashek (R), Precinct 3: (254) 757-5063
Voting Precincts 17,30,35,37,38,40,41,42,45,46,47,48,53,54,58,64,65,66,67,68,84,87,88

Ben Perry (R), Precinct 4: (254) 757-5064
Voting Precincts 11,19,23,32,33,34,36,44,51,52,55,61,62,63,78,79

Comments (7)

  1. DukeMachado DukeMachado

    UPDATE: I just spoke with Kelly Snell, Commissioner Precinct 1, and he is in full support of Staci Stone. He mentioned that she is more than capable of running the Treasurer’s Office, stating she knew the new computer system as well as the new Payroll system. He continued saying, “She has no political baggage, and would be a better choice than Helton.” To his knowledge, there are only two, Stone and Helton, interested in the position. Please contact Ben Perry and Joe Mashek to get their position.

  2. DukeMachado DukeMachado

    From Ben Perry’s Facebook page:

    Ben Perry I
    think it’s premature to pledge 100% support of any applicant with 2
    days left to file for the position. I am hopeful Commissioner Snell has
    not eliminated anyone else that may come
    forward. In the absence of anyone else coming forward I do find Staci a
    strong candidate and feel she is capable of leading the office in a
    positive direction. Only a new candidate coming forward would change my
    opinion at this time.

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      My response: Of
      course, he is basing his comment on the only two who have expressed
      interest at this point. If others come forward, obviously it changes
      things. Thanks for your response. Based on what you’ve said, if no others come forward, it seems as though you would support Stone over Helton. Is that right?

  3. DukeMachado DukeMachado

    Those following the McLennan County
    Treasurer’s situation…I have had contact with all 3 Republican
    Commissioners. Here’s the tally at this point, assuming there are only 2

    Kelly Snell – will support Staci Stone
    Ben Perry – will support Staci Stone
    Joe Mashek – Will support Bill Helton

    I imagine Lester Gibson will support Bill Helton.

    Which leaves…guess who…Judge Jim Lewis as the tie breaker. Shazam! Wonder how Will Jones would have voted, since he will be replacing Joe Mashek?

  4. Gloff Hassle

    Resigning after one year. What a joke. I say reinstate Bill Helton. No need for anyone else to hold this position.

  5. Gloff Hassle

    Lave this job to the man.

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