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Texas Republicans Organize Grassroots, Preparing for November

GOP Training for Senate District 22. Hill College, Sep. 15, 2012. 10AM-1PM

Now that the Conventions are over, and it’s down to the debates, I think we’ll see this narrow down to a series of questions from Romney. President Obama will not be able to hide behind the roars of an uninformed delegation, and will be trapped. Forced to respond, he’ll try to shift, but Romney will see it coming, and will have 3-4 quick, powerful responses to Obama. After a layer or two is peeled back, Obama will be exposed as the highly motivated, yet unqualified leader of this nation.

Republicans will become energized, pushing down the idea that Obama could still win, a fear that keeps most of us up at night thinking of the things this President could do with another four years, and I don’t mean good things.

We will want to become engaged, to play a role in ensuring Romney and Ryan win in November. We know the Obama volunteer base is tremendous, with Social Media power to control the chatter on the web.
We’ll need to out-do the Democrats at the grassroots level, and get the right message to the people.   Continuing the tactics of 2008, using traditional media to market the message, may never penetrate the community.

For this exact reason, Republicans in Texas are holding training seminars, to prepare activists for the final push to elect Mitt Romney.

Janet Jackson and Frank Steed, State Republican Executive Committee members for Texas Senate District 22, understand what’s at stake, and they know it requires a coordinated effort to teach people how to do their part.

“7 weeks to Victory,” as Jackson calls it, is a crash course in Republican Party activism, including sessions on Social Media functionality, Hispanic Outreach techniques, and the “How-To’s” on connecting with today’s young voters. In addition to the grassroots training, Republican Party training will include the “Victory 2012” course along with training.

Toby Marie Walker, President of the Waco Tea Party, legislative watchdog and Social Media trainer, said in an interview today, “50-60 percent of Tea Party members are proficient in social media,” adding that Republicans were not as proficient. With room for improvement, the Republican Party structure is working with, not against the Tea Party, capitalizing on the strengths of its grassroots activists.
Walker will cover information on the essentials of Twitter and Facebook to “reach their friends and family that are not as politically aware.” Follow Toby Marie on Twitter – @TobyMarie.

This event will include presentations from Duke Machado, Founder of GOPisForMe, and Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas focusing on Hispanic Outreach. He will talk about the issues, provide perspective, and give practical techniques and tactics to utilize in the Hispanic community.
“People always say they want to do something, but aren’t sure what to do. We will give them that “thing” to do to maximize their impact this election,” said Machado. Follow on Twitter – @GOPisForMe.

Switching to the Youth, Rachel Woods, Program Director for the Texas Federation of Republican Women, will give an enlightening presentation of what it takes to connect with today’s young voters. How do we identify the barriers keeping them away from the Party? How can we keep them engaged, motivated to build the Party and participate in the process? “We need to be able to inspire young people to take action,” said Woods. “Right now, Democrats control the message, saying, ‘We care about you, Republicans don’t care about you,” she added. Follow on Twitter @LeadershipTrek

Janet Jackson, SREC-Senate District 22, is excited about this event, saying “we can’t allow President Obama to win a second term. This country cannot stand another four years, and we Republicans in Texas, will do our part to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Many political experts say Texas is a solid vote for Romney, that we’re still too Red. Jackson along with the Republican Leadership in Texas are not only planning and training for Texas elections, but they’re also preparing volunteers in Texas to make calls in those states where the Romney / Ryan ticket need more volunteers. The Victory Centers across Texas will be focused on several local elections, but will also serve as an outlet for Texas Republicans to help our brothers in key swing states.

To the Democrats who feel the President’s recent speech gives him the high ground, I say, keep thinking that. We like it when you’re overconfident.

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