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Clinton Explaining How Americans Are Better Off Today

Bill Clinton speaking at DNC, 2012.

What is it about former President, Bill Clinton, that allows most people to have sympathy for him and somewhat forgive him of his many wrong-doings? From Monica Lewinsky to his shady Whitewater real-estate dealings, he has been the modern-day “Teflon Don,” avoiding the consequences of his despised actions.

When he spoke, it conjured up thoughts of him dodging the media and explaining what the “difference of is…is.” He was the first President I ever voted for, and back when I was an uninformed voter, he was everything I could hope for in a President, but what did I know about what I wanted in a President?  He was young, and at the time, that was enough for me…how sad.

Like a true professional, complete with dramatic pauses and eye glares, Clinton commanded the stage at the DNC, and after the first few rounds of lies, my phone bleeped, telling me I had a new text. “4 more homie. Bang-Bang, Bill Clinton killed ya boys,” said one of my Liberal friends and Obama supporter.

What speech was he listening to? Then it dawned on me, “that’s right, it doesn’t matter what’s said, as long as it’s done with passion.” That’s the mantra of the left, if it feels good, do it.

Clinton tried to lay out a simple case of how Americans are actually doing better than we really are. He tried to turn the tables on Romney and Ryan, using a “jujitsu” technique of using our strength against us.  To those who haven’t taken the time to understand the dangers facing this nation, he must have sounded like the Clinton of the nineties.

But as he belittled us, saying we were confused, desperate to destroy this President, he continued to drive in the wedge put in place by the previous night’s speakers, Julian Castro and Michelle Obama. He swung with ferocity as he hammered home the concept of evil Republicans who don’t care about anyone, except their fellow rich friends and family, completing the “class warfare” initiated previously.

The fact Democrats continue to hold Bill Clinton on a pedestal is a testament that values don’t matter in their Party. With so many Democrats parading across the stage talking about their “values,” you would think they would be abhorred at the thought of the womanizing, slickster who brought disgrace to the Office of the President, but they weren’t, again proving their ability to have selective amnesia.

Why should anyone believe anything Clinton says? His job isn’t to prove what he says, it’s just to say it, and let it spread through the community. Now, “moochers,” those who are sucking the welfare money, housing assistance and medical benefits, have been given the go-ahead…not to find a job, or get off welfare.

Rather, they’ve been told they can’t become successful on their own, but with the governments help, they can succeed. Now, they sit around and draw government checks, getting “that Obama money,” they were promised.

Like starving people in Africa when the food truck arrives, Americans caught in the world of Obama, will find themselves reaching for aid. They will be the ones who forget the value of work. They will be the ones who drop-out of school. Why? Because they will be taught that hard work doesn’t matter. Results don’t mean anything when you have an advantage over everyone else.

As Clinton talked about a fair playing field, I realized they don’t really want a “level playing field,” they want an advantage. My mother raised me to understand the concept of survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive in nature, and when we interfere with people’s natural instinct to thrive, we kill the true opportunity in each of us.

Don’t buy the hype. Ask yourself this, why did Obama bring in Clinton to speak? I thought they didn’t like each other. It’s because Obama’s camp realized they had to have the Clinton supporters, or they may not be able to win a second term.

Bill Clinton showed that he’s still able to pull the wool over the eyes of the Democrats. I admit, I was one of those who defended him, when I was young and dumb, but eventually, I snapped out of it, and quit drinking the kool-aid. I didn’t accept the talking points. I asked questions and searched for answers. In the end, the Democrat party is a sham, a tool used by Democrat Elitists to keep the Hispanics down…dependent on the government.

If you love Obama and are still infatuated with Clinton, break loose, shake it off, and learn the truth.

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