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Julian Castro, Another Great Speaker with Nothing to Say

Julian Castro, Mayor- San Antonio, TX. Photo courtesy of The Raw Story.

On the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, in a packed house, with the Democratic faithful in attendance, Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio,TX, delivered an emotional, high energy speech to not only rally the Hispanic base, but also rebuild the DREAM for many Americans across the country.  According to Castro, we need 4 more years to finish the job started in 2008.

His winning smile, and perfect delivery are convincing to the unsuspecting voter, but to those who know the facts about our dismal economy and debt, he sounded like an uninformed, irrational Mayor.  He either hasn’t taken the time to learn the facts, or worse,  is walking the Party line, misleading millions of Hispanics; feeding them just enough to convince them it’s OK to vote for this President one more time.

Castro delivered with deep emotion when he spoke of the sacrifice his family made in order that he and his twin brother, Juaquin Castro, Texas House of Representatives, were able to attend college, achieving more than their parents and grandparents.

He spoke of his grandmother with great admiration and respect, recalling a vision he had of her saying to him, on his way to school each day, “Dios Te Bendiga,” God be with you.

His message to the masses was, “You can make anything of yourself,” and with hard work, creating “opportunities today, we can have prosperity tomorrow,” which reminded me of Wimpy the Moocher’s line, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

During his speech, he mentioned, “Texas may be the one place where people actually have bootstraps, and we expect people to use them and pull themselves up.”   The statement was met by an immediate awkward silence, as if they didn’t like hearing that success required doing the work yourself.

As he settled in, he began delivering Democratic talking points like his life depended on it, promoting education, saying, “we need to make sure more 4 year olds get access to pre-k.”  He continued, “you can’t be pro-business unless you’re pro-education,” implying businesses should become more active in education, and talked about investing in the young minds of today, so they can be competitive in the workforce tomorrow.  “Opportunity isn’t free,” he said, “we have to invest in it.”

He paused for a moment, looked at the crowd, smiled, and began the assault on the Republicans and Mitt Romney.  “Mitt Romney doesn’t get it,” Castro said and continued,   “When giving students entrepreneurial advice, he suggested they borrow money from their parents .”   In Castro’s mind, the reason Romney doesn’t “get it,” is because he should know that most people’s parents aren’t able to loan their children money to start a business, supposedly proving Romney’s out of touch with the average family.

But, the point Romney was making was, do anything you can to avoid going into debt, a valuable lesson most people don’t want to hear, but must be said.  It’s just like Liberals to complain about the truth.  Democrats want to “feel” good about their decisions.  Republicans just want the truth, so they can make the right decision.

Castro continued down the list, hitting on gay marriage, women’s right to choose, and of course the affordable health care act, providing “access” to healthcare for all Americans.  In a moment we all knew would come, Castro drew first blood by saying Romney flip-flopped on healthcare, and is now against the exact thing he supported as Governor.

He called the Romney-Ryan budget another failed policy, like “trickle down economics,” reiterating we’ve tried those tactics, and they haven’t worked.   But just because you wish it wasn’t successful, doesn’t change the fact it was.  To say “Reagnomics” didn’t work, is like trying to re-write history.  Truth is, the economy advanced, taxes were reduced, and the military was strengthened.  Remember when we were respected because of our Military?  How did the Cold War end?  Through strength, peace…right?

Castro said this election came down to a choice between wealthy Americans who were essentially greedy profiteers trying to reduce their tax load, and the hard-working middle class, proving Obama will do anything to win, even if it means using people like Julian Castro to engage is social warfare.  

In one breath, Castro wants us to succeed, and in  the other, he wants to punish our success and make sure we pay more taxes, while others draw welfare checks, have their rent paid, and take our tax dollars to buy junk food and trade government food cards on the black market.

Of all the words that came out of Castro’s mouth, in my opinion, he didn’t say anything significant.   He delivered nothing meaningful.  

However, twice he mentioned the comment made by his mother, “Dios Te Bendiga.”   Castro attempted to brand the Democrat Party, as the new “religious” Party.  As if, by saying the word “God,” qualifies for the blessings of Heaven.

Let’s remember, the Democrat Party is the Party that battles Christmas, God in schools, God in public places, and God in the Pledge of Allegiance.  They’ve never wanted God involved in their Party before…why the sudden change?  

If you look closely, Castro seems apprehensive about saying the phrase.  It’s because he knows the consequence of lying about one’s faith.  He knows most Hispanics are Catholics, and Catholics do not believe in abortion, yet it doesn’t stop him from talking about God, as if God would approve of his Party’s position on moral issues.   The God I know, will not smile on anyone who supports abortion, and Julian, along with the leadership of the Democrat Party, march lock-step with Planned Parenthood, the leader in abortion services.

Castro talked about a future he can’t deliver, and neither can his President.  He wants gays in the military and thinks it’s fine for men to marry other men, another sin according to the bible he claims leads his values.  Do those sound like Godly family values your grandparents would support?  In the end, we all know now, a good speaker does not equal a good elected official, and Julian Castro is a good speaker.

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