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First Lady Delivers Dynamic speech, lacks Substance

First Lady, Michelle Obama, speaking at Democratic National Convention. Photo courtesy of NPR.

On the biggest stage in the world, in a pivotal Presidential election, First Lady, Michelle Obama, did her best to convince Americans to vote for her husband; one more time.  As Stevie Wonder’s, “Signed, sealed delivered” played over the loud speakers, our First Lady took the stage, greeted like a rock star, immediately  exciting the delegation, who began chanting ” 4-more-years!  4-more-years! … ”

She began by speaking of the many Americans she met in her travels across the country.  The military men and women, the spouses, and wounded warriors who bring her inspiration, reminding her that we’re “blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth,” which ironically, just four years ago, she wasn’t even “proud” of this country.

In just four years, America has become the “greatest nation on the planet?”  How can it be?  Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Continuing her speech, the First Lady told stories of their family, exposing a personal side, giving the impression they are no different than any other American family, with the same issues as you and I.   She was letting the world know that her husband, the father of her children, was a good man, and someone who could be trusted.

She attempted to humanize President Obama by telling a story of a rusty old car he drove to pick her up for a date.  Her delivery was amazing, and her passion was evident.  It was obvious she was there to “connect” again, with those 2008 voters who trusted them the first time around and gave their vote. 

Michelle Obama talked about her husband’s decisions, and how he used his “life experiences” to guide him.  Yet my first  thought was, “that must be why he hasn’t delivered a budget in his entire term.  He has no business experience.”

Like a machine, Mrs. Obama talked about honesty and integrity, providing nuggets of advice like, “How hard you work matters more than how much you make.”  Really?

She spoke about values, saying “So many people had a hand in our success…from the teachers to the janitors.  We were taught to treat everyone with respect…those are the values we believe in.  ”

Then, Mrs. Obama began listing her husband’s accomplishments, like saving the auto industry, and creating “good jobs, right here in America.”  Of course, she drew special attention to the establishment of the Affordable Health Care Act, saying her husband knew it was the “right thing to do, health care for all.”

Without losing steam, the First Lady went right into the “women” portion of the speech, where she said, “women are more than capable of making their own choices over their bodies and their health care,” as the crowd erupted with joy.  At that moment, I thought of my friends in the pro-life movement, who value each life, and are saddened to see so many young women abort their baby.  The First Lady’s endorsement of abortion is blatant and obvious, and for her to tout family values at the same time, was nearly blasphemous.

She made comments like, “we will get there,” and, “We’re playing a long game,” to set the tone of this race, letting the delegates know they need to dig in.  She was encouraging their base to stick with them, one more time.  As her speech was coming to a close, she said, “If previous generations could put a man on the moon, then we could do our part…right?”  Since NASA has been essentially decimated by her husband, it may be a long time before we do that again.  One might think the department that took us to the moon would be cherished, not downgraded.

In her final call to action, the First Lady passionately said,  “if we want to give all of our children a better place, then we must work like we’ve never worked before…by electing our president, Barack Obama.  God bless America.”

The crowd erupted, chanting “4 more years!, 4 more years!, as Beyonce’s “Move your Body,” was played while the First Lady departed the stage.  Like Julian Castro before her, they are exceptional speakers.  Great scripts, excellent lighting, and teleprompters can’t hide the reality facing this President.  His wife did a wonderful job talking about non-issues, and talking points, but she didn’t give any hint as to what they will change to gain control of our budget, our foreign relations, and the debt.    Of course, she’s not running for President, her husband is.  Surely he has a plan he can produce?

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