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Chuck Bradley: Republican Candidate Congressional District 33

Chuck Bradley, Republican Candidate, U.S. Congressional District 33. Interviewed by GOPisForMe.

Recently, we interviewed Chuck Bradley, Republican Candidate for the newly drawn U.S. Congressional District 33, which includes regions of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  In our conversation, he mentioned several issues facing the constituents in this new district, which Bradley states, is comprised of nearly 60 % Hispanics.

He’s been attending the meetings and get-togethers, speaking at churches and Conservative clubs in the area.  After one of those meetings, he was approached by a few women, who asked him, ” How do you plan on bringing those jobs to our district?” In the video below, Chuck Bradley talks about his strategy on how he would accomplish this.

With Hispanics playing such a major role in the new District, I asked him what he felt was important, aside from jobs. He immediately responded, “education.” He began talking about the drop-out rates and the unbelievable fact that in the Irving School District, Spanish speaking students are allowed to continue speaking Spanish for tests all the way up to the 8th grade. He felt we as a nation, are not helping anyone by allowing Spanish speaking students to go so far without learning English.

In a nation where English is the primary language, and business is primarily conducted in English, those who do not learn the language will immediately start behind everyone else. “We have to change that,” stated Bradley.

The question many people are asking is, can Chuck Bradley win in a district drawn for Democrats? I believe he can, especially if he continues to talk about the issues relevant to the average person in his district. I’ve often been asked, “Do Hispanics prefer to be represented by Hispanics?” In my opinion, I prefer to be represented by someone who is not only capable of relating to my circumstances, but is also successful enough to know how to overcome obstacles.

Chuck Bradley is a man of integrity, and that is more important than legislative experience. From my dealings with other Congressmen and State Representatives, the key ingredient is being able to communicate your message better than your opponent. These videos show a thoughtful individual, unafraid to say the truth. That’s what the people need, someone who doesn’t pander to the voters just for votes.

Sometimes, it’s best to layout a game plan and let the people know you’re on their team. They need to know they have a “fighter,” someone who will do what they say. Chuck Bradley is that man in this race.

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