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30 Minutes with Emilio Sanchez, Chief Editor –

Emilio Sanchez, Chief Editor –

It was 1:30 PM, CST, and our Emilio Sanchez Interview was underway on BlogtalkRadio, via As an Hispanic Activist, when I first learned about Voxxi, I immediately assumed it was another “left-leaning” news site with an agenda to capture the Hispanic community for the Democratic Party.

But, six months ago, I began writing for Voxxi, sharing my experiences from a Hispanic Conservative perspective. Although my Conservative blogs are a small percentage of the total blogs on Voxxi, the fact is, our Conservative voice is spreading and Voxxi is helping to make it happen.

It comes as no surprise to Emilio Sanchez, founder of the news site, Voxxi, “The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century.”  He’s known all along that English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S. are becoming more engaged and active in politics. He is fully aware of the Hispanic population trends in the U.S. and around the world, and like any good businessman, he seized the opportunity to secure a portion of that growth.

With just a handful of Editors and multimedia operators, and a stable of writers, Voxxi has grown rapidly in the past few months, with over 6,500 Facebook likes. “It’s just the beginning,” says Sanchez, who envisions a time when Voxxi is the premier source for independent news. Rather than being fed the standard news from the major news outlets, imagine Voxxi articles and news reports being the standard. Imagine when a Conservative Hispanic has the platform from which to communicate a message to thousands by the click of a button.

I asked Emilio about the Hispanic community, and talked about the issues facing our people. “What is the most important issue we face?” I asked. “…I think the main problem we’re facing is Education…and Education is one of our main National Security issues.” he responded, reiterating it is our duty to provide a quality education for all children in America.

“Most people I talk to think their vote doesn’t even matter anymore…what are your thoughts?, I asked.  “If you have a high level of education, you are going to understand very quickly, that to go to the polls is one of the main rights that you have,” Sanchez reasoned.  We talked about the mindset of the community and he said, “in addition to going to the polls every 2 to 4 years, I think the most important thing is how you are going to work with your community.”

Sanchez continued stating that the parents in many cases were not involved, and if we could encourage the parents to participate with their chi l’s school and join the P.T.A., then they would learn how to be an active parent. In a conversation immediately after the interview, Sanchez said, “If we can get parents in the process of participating in the P.T.A., then they will more than likely continue to be active, and go to the polls on election day,” as he responded to a question I asked about getting people to become active.

I asked him if he felt Mitt Romney and the Republicans made an impact on the Independent Hispanics. “I don’t know. This is one the keys to the election, and if Romney will win the White House, he needs to win 40% of the Latino vote. Some people say he only needs 38%. he’ll have enough. The Spanish constituency is going to be key not only in Florida, but Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. I think the Conference had a new sort of tone to the Latinos, and three new faces may make a difference, “ speaking of Gov. Susana Martinez, Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Overall, he felt the Republican National Convention in Tampa was a success, and the three above-mentioned Hispanics will be a key to Romney’s ability to draw the Hispanic vote. He also mentioned, “Don’t forget the role of Jeb Bush, who is a part of the Republican Establishment and highly respected in the Latino Community. If Mitt Romney wants to win the Latino vote, he needs lo listen to Jeb Bush, listen to Marco Rubio, and try to understand the importance of the Latino culture and Latino values., and I think that the Republican Party in general is very close to the Hispanic values.”

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