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A Mitt Romney Forecast

Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Candidate. Photo courtesy of Politico

In 2008, when Mitt Romney was still in the Primary race against Senator John McCain, just before he dropped out of the race, he gave a victory speech after winning a “must-win” state. For the first time, I saw him roll his sleeves up, look at the people in the crowd, and deliver a powerful, motivating message that made me think he could actually win.

I was hopeful he would have emerged against John McCain, but the cards must have been dealt, and within a week of delivering that speech, Romney ended his campaign.
Maybe he realized it wasn’t his time?

But tonight, it’s definitely his time.  As the media continues to hype his speech, dubbing it “the most important speech of his life,” I’m not looking for an “Obama” moment with Greek columns and people crying.  All I’m hoping for is a speech that is genuine and passionate. I want to see the same Mitt Romney that rolled his sleeves up and started laying it on Obama.

What I don’t want to see is a robotic, dry, tele-prompter-ish performance, where the “light” flashes and you turn your head to read the next line. In short, I’d like to see him give a speech from the heart…like what Condoleeza Rice delivered last night.

I know he can do it…and unlike many in the media who suggest he’s not a fighter, tonight, you will see why he has been so successful. Tonight, it is my expectation, that we will see the man who will take Obama to the “mat.” Last night, we got a glimpse, from Paul Ryan, the gloves are coming off.

Ryan tossed out blow after blow, in a way that must have sent chills down the backs of Democratic loyalists backing Obama. To watch Ryan “warm-up” with body blows, gave me assurance that Mitt Romney will step in an deliver the knock-out punches.

Who better to have as your Vice Presidential running mate, than someone who has been in Congress and witnessed the pathetic tactics used by the Obama Administration. Ryan cites issue after issue, because he was in the midst of the battles. He remembers the defiance and lack of leadership, because he’s been living it for Obama’s entire term.

Tonight, Romney has the opportunity to deliver a message that not just connects with the voters across America, but penetrates the hearts and minds of the people, reminding us we are all one nation.

He will talk about American exceptional-ism, rebuilding the dream and rekindling the fire. When he takes stage, the Party would have already answered the critics who claimed the Republican Party was against women. Instead, on the biggest stage, with the brightest lights, several prominent Republican women spoke of the freedom they had to achieve unlimited heights. A Latina Governor of a Southern border state, Susanna Martinez, exemplified the proof that with hard work anything is possible, even from a girl who grew up in a small border town.

A Black woman, former Secretary of State, and brilliant mind, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, talked about the struggles she faced growing up in “Jim Crow” Alabama, where she couldn’t even buy a hamburger at the local Woolworth. But her parents, aside from the reality they faced, continued to tell her that this country will allow those who want it, total freedom. This message is lost in our minority communities, where instead, Liberal organizations establish new ways to help get more people on welfare.

During President Obama’s term, the number of food stamp recipients increased 35%, as more people find it harder to get a job. The number of people drawing unemployment benefits has also increased by 22%, with a reported, 23 Million U.S. citizens either unemployed or have stopped looking for work.

Something has to change, and tonight, I believe Mitt Romney will “get it done,” unifying the Conservatives and connecting with independents and the undecided. I believe we’ll have a plan moving forward, unlike the situation is now, under Obama, where we don’t even have a budget from which to work.

As Dr. Rice said, “We need a leader who leads from the front, not one who leads from behind.”

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