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Texas Delegation – Day 2, part 1 of 3:

Jon Gimble

John Gimble, McLennan County Delegate, gives update on progress in Tampa.

This information is about 24 hours old.  I apologize.  We met as a delegation at 9:00, and then had 15 minutes afterwards to make a lunch to eat on the bus to the convention.  The Texas delegation arrived back at out hotel between 1AM and 4AM for the last bus.  So I’m getting this report back to people between our day 3 Texas delegation meeting and the Day 3 General session.

Rules – “Texas has made the difference”  Butch, “The original report allowed for the national party to disavow delegates.  Because of the hard work of Texas, that rule has been removed, and the threshold for the RNC changing was successfully upped from two-thirds to 75%.  The majority of the Texas delegation either still had qualms with the p

Uproarious rumbles over “rule 12”

Lt Governor Dewhurst graciously took the stage and congratulated Ted Cruz and promised to help him beat Democrat ‘trial lawyer’ Paul Sadler.

Dewhurst reiterated to delegation that he was beginning to settle out the Senate Committee assignments – Tommy Williams will be the Finance Chair.  “I’ve been busy this past year seeking office while the Texas Senate was adjourned, but let me assure you, I’m back.”

The biggest thing we’re facing down is trying to bend down the exploding healthcare costs brought about by Obamacare.   These costs are eating up money that we would like to spend on Higher Education, K-12 Education, roads, border security and the other needs of Texans.  If we can get Mitt Romney in, and get a block grant, then we can improve.  One size does not fit all.  Too that end I’ve appointed strong conservative, Jane Nelson to chair Health & Human Services.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked to improve public education, and to that end Houston conservative Senator will be serve as Chair of Public Education Chair and work to give our students more educational opportunities.

America has never failed to meet it’s challenges.  We need to rise to the challenge, and get a few more US Senators elected around the country, Mitt Romney and we’ll beat this current economic challenge.  I often get asked by officials from other states, “How is it that Texas currently 48th in taxation per capita and first in new jobs?”  Dewhurst tells them that it’s because we’re currently #1 in the number of Texans per capita.

Furthermore Dewhurst stuck with the delegation throughout the extremely long day and was there on the floor the convention cheering and clapping Senate Nominee Cruz on during his speech.  Quite a few of us personally approached him and thanked him for being such a gentleman after a hard-fought and at times ugly campaign.

Chairman Munisteri circled back on Rule 12.  He fairly described the parameters of the new rule, which would allow the RNC to make changes to the rules that govern the national party in between conventions.  As the rule is now written, it would take a 75% super-majority, originally it was written as only a 2/3rds majority.  Quite a few people seem at least mildly upset by this.

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