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“Quico” Canseco gives speech of his life at Republican Convention

A first generation son of immigrants, Texas Congressman Francisco” Quico” Canseco, gave the speech of his life Tuesday — in front of the thousands of GOP’ers like him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

canseco 236x296 Quico Canseco gives speech of his life at Republican convention

U.S. Rep. Francisco Quico Canseco had the limelight for a few moments today at the Republican National Convention.

Broadcast around the world, this opportunity to mix substance with passion is something many dream of, but for this Mexican-American ex-banker and small business owner, his moment had come.

Elected in 2010, Quico — as called by his friends and by voters — is a member of the Financial Services Committee and one of an increasing number of Hispanics elected to national office by the Republican Party.

Canseco is the representative for the 23rd district of Texas and, at a time when many Republicans are just now beginning to realize what is coming with regard to population, he is already in Washington, determined to serve the people of his district, doing everything in his power to stop the assault on our Constitution.

Tuesday night, he joined prominent Hispanic Republicans like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño and his fellow Texan, Senate candidate Ted Cruz, as the Latino headliners at the most important convention of the Republican party’s recent history.

“Along the nearly 800 miles of US-Mexico border that I serve, farmers, small businesses and families are striving to live the American dream,” Canseco said in his address. “Whether you are a seventh generation American or a first generation immigrant, like my parents were, coming to seek a better life, we all want the opportunity to succeed.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is burdening us with destructive debt, punishing taxes, and robbing us of that opportunity to succeed.”

He said Republicans owe it to their children to stop the current administration’s policies.

Then he went into Spanish.

Un gobierno limitado y menos impuestos significan más oportunidad y mejores empleos para un futuro más próspero para las siguientes generaciones. Con Mitt Romney como Presidente – lo podemos hacer mejor.

“The answer is simple,” Canseco told the gathering of thousands of delegates and guests.

“Lower taxes and less government means more opportunity and better job creation for a brighter future for generations to come. We can do better with Mitt Romney as President.”

San Antonio, Texas, in the heart of the district, has been in the news a lot lately, with President Barack Obama’s recent visit to meet with the Castro brothers: Mayor Joaquin Castro and State Rep. Julian Castro. Both have been cast as the future of Hispanic politics. Like Henry Cisneros was in the 90s, the Castro brothers are the “hope” for the Hispanic Democrats.

But when the hype fades and the cameras are off, we must face the reality in Texas, where Hispanics are growing exponentially, creating a scenario of massive potential disaster.  High school drop-out rates are high and 25 percent of Hispanic girls will give birth before they turn 20 years old. When you add immigration, border security and the crippling legislation imposed by Obama, Texas could be facing a crisis.

Quico Conseco: The future of politics in Texas

Canseco not only represents the future of Republican politics in Texas, but also transcends boundaries across the country, with a platform based not on race and ethnicity, but on principles founded on the Constitution, where freedom is cherished and capitalism is rewarded.

Although Texas is still a majority Republican state, Texas Democrats are set on changing this reality. They want to advance the policies of their Democratic president — increasing the welfare rolls and passing out the “goodies” to those who will submit to the government and allow themselves to become trapped in the system of handouts.

In Texas, we know that a strong economy leads to a strong state. And as President Obama does his best to keep us from drilling for oil and natural gas, our legislators are taking the battle to him in Washington. Quico Canseco is one of those people who is at the right place at the right time. He’s a real leader, with experience and desire to preserve this great nation. It’s no surprise he was selected to say a few words about the future of the Republican Party.

I asked James Barnes, State Republican Executive Committeeman for the Republican Party of Texas what it meant to him that Quico Canseco was speaking tonight.

“Congressman Canseco symbolizes a better future for Texas and a better future for America,” Barnes said.

Republicans will be glued to the television this week, getting updates and listening to the leadership as they map out the path to victory in 2012. And Texas is proud to have one of our own speaking tonight, on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

Quico Canseco is the embodiment of the Republican Party and his words resonate with many Americans, ensuring them this country is not lost, but rather in the process of transitioning back to prosperity.

Republican Convention Balt 91 Quico Canseco gives speech of his life at Republican convention

Texas alternate delegate Linda Patterson from Grand Prairie, Texas raises her arms up in the air to pray at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

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