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Jon Gimble : 2012 GOP Convention Update

Jon Gimble

John Gimble, McLennan County Delegate, gives update on progress in Tampa.

Day 1 Convention goings on

> Surprisingly the hot button issue at the Republican National Convention thus far is a newly proposed rule that would cede over to the national party authority over national delegate selection.  For two days the Texas Delegation has heard from the representatives on the national rules committee about the power grab that is being proposed by some of the more moderate members of the RNC.  The original form of the rule would have allowed the Republican The Rules Committee of the Republican National Committee has passed an amended version that would still allow the RNC to “disavow” delegates selected by states.  The one thing that unites Texans faster than anything else is “outsiders dictating terms” – the Texas delegation stood in the room united to exhortations of “Don’t mess with Texas” and and few quotes from the Alamo.  Expect a floor vote on this matter.

> SenatorJohn Cornyn addressed the delegation with familiar conservative tones about  promoting small business.  He highlighted the Texas success story of Jason’s Deli, starting from a single restaurant in Texas in 1976, and building over 200 in 28 states.  The owner told Senator Cornyn that it wasn’t the government that built his business, it was him reinvesting into his company that has created thousands of jobs.

> Republican Senate nominee Ted Cruz took the stage to the loudest cheering & near unanimous standing ovation.  He quipped that “This is a room of fighters, this is a room that if Stephen F Austin and Sam Houston were here, they’d recognize the people here.”  After some raised eyebrows from some of the more seasoned delegates, he quickly (to chuckles) added that I’m not saying your old.  The reason why Texas is growing is that people are recognizing that government is not the answer, that business owners recognize that the best role for government is not to have their boot on their neck.

> Congressman Louie Gohmert rounded out the morning meeting with highlights on Republican ideals on energy independence.  Talking about familiar democrat attacks on Republican fiscal policy.  Gohmert stated that he’d never heard so much scripture from his democrat friends as when they were talking out against lower broad taxes for all.  Congressman Gohmert jumped in and reminded that Jesus said from the story of the good Samaritan that you go and you help people (with your money) not take money from others to help the less fortunate.  Furthermore after Zacheus met with Jesus he immediately did the right thing and lowered taxes.  Gohmert took exception to the “war on women” and said unlike the current administration, we want to have a good economy where women can find jobs.

> The Credentials committee handled the most challenges filed since 1952… Maine, Oklahoma, and Oregon.  Maine had many problems, Oklahoma was pretty cut and dry only lacking a roll call vote on a near unanimous item.  oregon conducts 5 conventions in CD’s simultaneously as “one convention,” and finally had issues over how the at-large delegates were selected.

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