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The Texas Model: A Blueprint of America’s Free Market System

From Representative, Raul Torres

Every once in a while we need to look at the balance sheet to know the truth about what’s going on in our country and in our state of Texas.

These past four years have been very difficult for Americans and many have lost faith in our free market  system. Some even believe America should make fundamental changes and embrace President Obama’s failed policies of more regulations, higher taxes and bigger government.

But the truth is our free market system has never let us down. In fact, despite an Obama Administration that has done everything to stifle business, America leads the world in advance technology, telecommunications, drilling and mining equipment, medical science and agri-science all because the free market rewards our success when dreams, ability and hard work come together.

The Texas Model is based on the same free market principles that have fueled America’s economic greatness. Currently, Texas is the nation’s second-largest, and the world’s ninth largest economy. And although the Texas Model works we must continue to improve it in order to solve the many economic challenges that our state faces.

Over the next few months, I will release my economic plan for Texas. This plan is built upon proven economic and conservative principles designed to reduce unnecessary

regulations, make taxes simple and fair, empower our state’s entrepreneurs, and create more jobs. These are the keys to growing our Texas economy.

We all have a vested interest in the future of Texas and we must do all we can to help Texas and all Texans build a brighter, more prosperous future for us now and for generations to come. 

Let’s Talk and Together Let’s Move Texas Forward!


Raul Torres

State Representative

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