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Fort Bend County Launches Stepping Stones Education Initiative

Fort Bend Republicans prepare to launch Stepping Stones Education Initiative.

Republicans in Sugarland, TX – in Fort Bend County, are taking steps to penetrate the Hispanic community, providing a much needed education initiative to reduce the drop-out rate and increase advanced education.

South Texas cities are bracing for the Hispanic population explosion happening right now, and Republicans are preparing.  With so many students entering our public school system, unable to speak English, it’s no surprise many fall behind and drop out of school.

Since our best efforts to properly educate these students in our public school system  typically falls short in the Hispanic community, many compassionate, visionary Republicans have decided to get involved and make a difference in their local region.

The Stepping Stones Education Initiative, created as an Outreach tool for GOPisForMe, is underway in Fort Bend County, under the direction of Debbie Fancher, Chairman of the GOPisForMe Auxiliary of the Fort Bend County Republican Party.

I first met Debbie at the Texas Republican Convention in Ft. Worth, and immediately felt a

Debbie Fancher, AKA The Conservative Latina at GOpisForMe booth at Texas Republican Convention

connection.  We described what we did, and how it could be duplicated in other regions of the state, and with that conversation, she has taken the steps to develop a chapter in her own county.

With full support of County Chairman, Mike Gibson and State Republican Executive Committeewoman, Tina Gibson, the Stepping Stones initiative has launched.  For the past few months, I met with Debbie and the leadership in Fort Bend, talking about Stepping Stones and how to implement it within the Party structure.

On August 18, 2011, the Fort Bend Republican Party held its first official GOPisForMe meeting to discuss the Stepping Stones program and how to begin going into homes, helping local students.  I am very excited about what’s happening in Fort Bend because it proves Republicans are willing to do the hard work required to make a lasting impression on the community, something we’ve lacked for decades.

We’re meeting with interested Republicans in several counties in the following weeks, and it looks like Stepping Stones is taking root.  If you would like to launch the Stepping Stones initiative in your county, please contact us to schedule an appointment and go over the details.  All it takes is a decision…and the rest will fall in place. 

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